March 28, 2023

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Memes rained down on Jair Bolsonaro accusing him of being an “imperialist” for saying “our Argentina”.

President of Brazil Jair BolsonaroHis statements were criticized on social media First Presidential Debate. His remarks to the governments of Argentina and Chile provoked a downpour website By users, “Imperialism”.

“Look at where the economy is going. Our Argentina. Argentine President met Lula in prison. “Today 40 percent of the Argentine population is in distress,” Bolsonaro said, referring to Alberto Fernandez.

Regarding the country led by Gabriel Boric, the current Brazilian president points out the same way: “Lula supported the candidate who set fire to the tunnel in Chile. Where is our Chile going? Also continued:In Colombia, the candidate is pro-drug and pro-prisoner release. Lula supports Daniel Ortega’s persecution of religious people in Nicaragua.

Not long for memes to come. “Bolsonaro Promotes Third Reich”, one Twitter user wrote in reference to the Brazilian president’s comments. In addition, he accompanied it with a joke video in which Bolsonaro almost plays to connect different territories of the world.

In the same way, another meme compares him to Pedro I of Brazil, the first emperor of that state. On Twitter, they used the king’s image and replaced his face with Bolsonaro’s, who was isolated for publicity. “Third Empire”.

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