May 23, 2024

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Messi, Rahaf and the murderous government of Saudi Arabia

Messi, Rahaf and the murderous government of Saudi Arabia

Nothing makes us humane other than aphoria, and from that rationality arise irreconcilable contradictions or contradictions. It is a state of extreme confusion in which we find ourselves, when certain commitments are distorted, without being able to explain what our eyes see, which are sometimes intolerable facts. Lionel Messi has been appointed as the new Ambassador of the Ministry of Tourism of Saudi Arabia. A country dedicated to tearing apart dissenting journalists. Jamal Kashoghi was cut into small pieces and placed in several suitcases to be taken out of the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. Eighteen of the defendants were charged with “premeditated murder with the intent to cause horrific suffering to the victim.”

This scandal has gained international meaning. The Saudi government, cornered by the horrors of the event, immediately mobilized economic resources to create “armed” spaces in the media. He sought to buy the television rights to the Premier League To control certain websites and information sites related to public opinion. He did not understand. In October 2021, Saudi sovereign fund PIF bought the rights to the United football team in Newcastle for மில்லியன் 350 million. It instantly became the richest club in the world.

Months ago, The Saudi government has tried to appoint Cristiano Ronaldo as tourism ambassador. The Portuguese turned down the offer for failing to reach an economic agreement. Messi accepted it. The instrumentalization of his image is evident. The monarchy is a loyal American gender to the region’s geopolitical stability. Family name associated with close ties to the Bush family, the last two oil wars in Kuwait and Iraq. The Bloody Kingdom is the Western Observatory for the largest oil reserves on the planet.

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“Messi enjoys exploring the Red Sea treasure, the Jetta station and our ancient history”, Said the Ministry of Tourism. Derived by one of the “strongest” women in the Argentine regime. Princess Haifa Mohammed Al-Saud is responsible for designing and implementing tourism-related strategies.

Rahaf Mohammed was one of the “weak” women of the kingdom. At the age of eighteen, he almost lost his life. In December 2018, he ran away from his family. He lived in the Hail area, where the most radical interpretation of Islam exists, and Wahhabism, for example, forbids whistling. Thanks to secret internet forums where Saudi Arabian women described their escape experiences, it took almost three years to plan the escape. He took a family vacation in Kuwait, got a passport and flew to Bangkok. In Thailand they found her and detained her illegally. In a hotel room, her passport was taken, but not her phone. That is his salvation. On the internet he found enough oxygen to create another life. Digitally he crossed the barriers of the Saudi authorities and contacted a woman who was his personal guide to escape. A few months later, he arrived at the Toronto airport, where the Canadian Foreign Minister was waiting for him. Today she is an “ambassador” for the political and civil rights of Saudi women at the charity Grand Liberty. He appealed for the Argentine player to reject the ambassador’s post with the hashtag “Don’t do that, Messi”.

How nice it would be if Messi was the ambassador for all the failed warsOn all those who are starving, defeated dreams, men hanging on the back of the world, Saudi women who have died in life. How nice that would be, Rahaf.

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