December 3, 2023

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Mexico storm: Dozens still missing after Hurricane Otis hits

Mexico storm: Dozens still missing after Hurricane Otis hits
  • Written by Vanessa Buchschlotter
  • BBC News

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People in Acapulco were lining up for food aid after Hurricane Otis hit

Dozens of people are still missing six days after Hurricane Otis made landfall in the Mexican resort of Acapulco.

The governor of Guerrero state, where Acapulco is located, said 45 bodies had been recovered so far and at least 47 were still missing.

Acapulco was devastated by the hurricane, which hit the coast as a Category 5 storm before weakening.

The slow arrival of aid has frustrated local residents, with some resorting to looting.

“We have no water, we have nothing left, the house is full of mud, everything is damaged,” a woman told Reuters news agency on Monday, urging the government to send help.

Image source, Getty Images

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While some looted food and water, others escaped with televisions and household appliances

The government sent soldiers and police to the city and its suburbs, and President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador promised to “put Acapulco back on its feet again.”

But a group representing retailers called on authorities to increase security measures as some of its members reported looting. The group said: “Nothing justifies these actions.”

“It is important to ensure food, medicines and hygiene products reach their destination and are not stolen by criminal groups,” the retail association said.

Guerrero State Governor Evelyn Salgado said many roads blocked by debris and fallen trees had been cleared, making food deliveries easier.

Electricity has also been restored to about two-thirds of the city, according to the Federal Electricity Commission.

The speed with which Otis transformed from a tropical storm into a Category 1 hurricane surprised forecasters and residents alike, meaning many were not prepared for the storm’s impact.

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