September 30, 2023

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Miami Dolphins midfielder Tua Tagoviloa has been taken to hospital with head and neck injuries

Miami Dolphins midfielder Tua Tagoviloa has been taken to hospital with head and neck injuries

Cincinnati – Miami Dolphins Quarterback Tua Tagoviloa He was taken to a local hospital for head and neck injuries he suffered from a cyst in the second quarter in a Thursday night game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Tagoviloa hit the back of his head on the ground when he was sacked by a Bengals nose therapist Josh TopoAlmost immediately, his arms seemed to stop working. He remained on the field for about 10 minutes before being loaded onto a stretcher and carried away.

The Dolphins said shortly before the break that he was conscious and had movement in all of his limbs at the hospital, University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Shortly before the end of the game, an Amazon Prime video broadcast reported that Tagoviloa is expected to be discharged from the hospital Thursday night and return to Miami with the team.

The entire Dolphins team gathered at the midfield when he was taken off, and the crowd chanted “Twa! Towa!”

In Sunday’s win over the Buffalo Bills, Tagovailoa underwent a first-half concussion evaluation after hitting his head on the ground and then tripping while trying to get back into the rally. The team initially listed him as doubtful for a comeback due to a head injury, but later said a back injury caused him to falter. Tagoviloa said later in the week that he passed every assessment he took before eventually returning to the match.

The NFL Players Association has asked for a review of the NFL’s concussion protocols after Tagovailoa’s quick return to the game.

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“The player’s health and safety are at the heart of the federation’s mission,” the association said in a statement after Tagoviloa’s death. “Our concern tonight is just now and we hope for a full and speedy recovery. Our investigation into a potential protocol violation is ongoing.” Injured on Thursday night.

On Monday, Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said the health of his players is nothing to take lightly, that the team would comply with any review or investigation and that he felt “fine” in the entire process.

“The one thing that I think our players know better than anyone else, there are certain things that I’m very sensitive to,” McDaniel said. “I get emotionally called out from time to time, and one of those things is player health.” “So I don’t mess with that at all. … They went through the protocols and in that process during the match, and that was something we weren’t going to move forward in the direction we did, if there were any kind of red flags because that – you can’t put my players away The middle is out of harm’s way so you wouldn’t – if he had a head problem, he wouldn’t have gone back there.”

Tagoviloa, 24, was listed as suspect with a back injury for most of the week ahead of Thursday night’s game.

Before leaving the game, Tagoviloa was 8 for 14 for 100 yards and an interception.

Teddy Bridgewater entered the place of Tagoviloa; The Dolphins had a rookie midfielder Skylar Thompson Active for the first time in his career as well.

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Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.