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Michael Gorbachev promised that the Soviet Union could survive through a reform

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, signed an order on Wednesday, December 25, 1991, to hand over control of nuclear weapons to Boris Yeltsin in the Kremlin in Moscow. Gorbachev announced his resignation on December 25 live on television. 25, 1991, drew a line in Soviet history for more than 74 years. (AP Photo / Liu Hyung Shing, file)

If it is updated in a timely manner, the Soviet Union May be Lasted as a union of sovereign nations, Though It is already too lateAccording to the last president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, On the 30th anniversary of the dissolution of the Soviet Empire.

Gorbachev resigned as chairman of the Vin Soviet Union (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), December 25, 1991, marking the end of the Soviet Empire. Putin called it the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.”

The Red Flag was lowered in the Kremlin and replaced by the Russian tricolor. The Soviet Union was gone that day, It was formally disbanded on December 26 by order of the Supreme Soviet.

“Those were dark days for the Soviet Union, Russia and me, but he had no right to do anything else.Gorbachev recalled in statements to the Russian company Toss.

The former president also explained that he had never used force to try to hold the empire together.

“At first I would have stopped being myself”, he said. Then such a decision would be a trigger The most severe civil war with unpredictable consequences. I was determined to avoid this situation at all costs, ”he added.

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“However, it is true that even after the coup attempt in August 1991, the country could remain a union of sovereign nations.“The last Soviet leader promised.

Michael Gorbachev checks his watch before his resignation speech.  (AP / Liu Heung Shing, file)
Michael Gorbachev checks his watch before his resignation speech. (AP / Liu Heung Shing, file)

“But from the beginning we underestimated the scope and depth of issues in inter-ethnic relations and in relations between the federal and republics. It took a long time to understand that the union needed a change“Three decades after the collapse,” he said.

Gorbachev explained that it was the goal of the Soviet authorities in those turbulent days “Protect the Union and create a real federation with real sovereignty over the republics, which would have devolved a portion of their powers to the Center.”

“Security, security, transportation network, currency and human rights should be in the hands of the central authorities under the new union agreement.Gorbachev said, “I believe this is a viable option Most republics would have supported it, but the coup attempt was far from over. “.

However, even after the coup, when the republics declared their independence, the Kremlin’s powers were severely weakened. I was convinced that the Union could be defended. For this I propose the Union of Sovereign Nations. “Gorbachev reiterated that such an issue would become a coalition with the constitutional republics that still enjoy broad powers.

“On the one hand, they will become members of the United Nations, while retaining their place in the Union Security Council. The military and nuclear weapons will be under the same command. I hope this would have been much better than it was after the collapse of the Soviet Union., he said.

Soviet citizens watch the soldiers of the Honorable Guard as they change guards at the Lenin Cemetery in Moscow, Russia's Red Square on December 11, 1991.  (AP / Alexander Zemlianichenko, file)
Soviet citizens watch the soldiers of the Honorable Guard as they change guards at the Lenin Cemetery in Moscow, Russia’s Red Square on December 11, 1991. (AP / Alexander Zemlianichenko, file)

On Friday, Gorbachev said The crisis between Russia and the West has its origins in the “arrogance” of the United States After the fall of the Soviet Union.

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“Arrogance and self-satisfaction went to their heads. When we saved the world from conflict together they were declared the victors of the Cold War.Gorbachev told the news agency RIA Novosti.

Western nations “sought to create a new empire, thus giving rise to the idea of ​​expanding NATO”According to Gorbachev.

Further expansion according to Vladimir Putin OTAN In the former Soviet republics, this is the main reason for the crisis between Russia and the West, which the president sees as a threat to Russian security.

Putin this month called on the United States and its allies to sign an agreement blocking NATO expansion. Towards the east.

Washington agreed to hold talks in January, considering that some of their demands could not be met.

Putin, a former KGB agent and loyal servant of the Soviet Union, was shocked when it broke and once called for collapse “The Greatest Geopolitical Disaster of the Twentieth Century.”

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