March 21, 2023

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Michigan President Samuel Stanley Jr. resigns

Michigan President Samuel Stanley Jr. resigns

The article is designed as an accountability measure to ensure that college leadership is aware of issues of sexual misconduct within its institution, said Elizabeth Abdelnour, an attorney in Lansing, Michigan, who specializes in Title IX cases and served as a Michigan State IX investigator during Nassar’s investigation.

“The impulse is that if there are serial predators, we catch up with them sooner, and they’re not wreaking havoc for years, and management, and the people at the top, can say they don’t know about it,” she said.

In Michigan, some board members believe that the Title IX reporting review system has not been properly followed. Said one of the board members, Pat O’Keefe Detroit news In mid-September that the university “may have submitted a false and misleading Title IX Certificate of Compliance” signed by Dr. Stanley.

Dr. Stanley dismissed the accusation, telling faculty during a meeting on September 13 that he had “faithfully complied with this Michigan certification process for the past two years and reviewed all required Title IX reports.”

He added that he was notified in June that “some members of our board of directors may not have actually complied for their part of their state requirement in 2021.”

Dr. Stanley’s testimony was under investigation by a law firm employed by the Board of Trustees. In a statement issued two weeks ago, the council said that the investigation had concluded that there were procedural problems and that Dr. Stanley had re-certified the findings.

“It sounds like nonsense to me,” Lansing’s attorney Ms Abdelnour said of the board’s concerns about the certification process. She said that if there were issues with the signing process, it would make more sense to raise concerns privately rather than launch an investigation.

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