February 22, 2024

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Micron variation: Increases immunity against delta and can replace it, new study reveals

At the same time Micron variation It continues to cause more registration cases in Europe as well In Argentina, A study published by South African scientists The countries that were first identified- decided that the infection of that strain would strengthen the immune system against its predecessors. Delta variant, Reduces the risk of serious illness.

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Micron Variation: What the South African Study Says

Research involving only a small group, not yet peer-reviewed, found it People affected by migraine, Especially those vaccinated, were developed Increased immunity against delta variability.

As shown The micron is highly contagious and some antibodies can be avoidedTwo weeks after the onset of symptoms, Immunity increased 14-fold, When The neutralization of the delta variance was multiplied by 4.4.

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“If we’re lucky, Micron There is less germ, and this will help the immune system Exit the delta“, he said Alex Siegel, Institute for Health Research And co-author of the study.

Micron Eject Delta Variation

Recent findings suggest that A person affected by migraine is less likely to get delta variation again, Which will reduce the presence of this last variant.

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In this sense, the authors point out that the study results are “consistent with reality.” Micron replaces delta variation, As Can acquire immunity that neutralizes the delta Will do Re-infection with delta is less likely“.

Recent findings show that people with migraine are less likely to be affected by delta variation.

According to a previous South African study, People with migraine have a lower risk of hospitalization and the risk of serious illness Compared to Delta variantAlthough the authors say that part of this may be due to the high immunity of the population.