April 23, 2024

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Micron Variation: Report a new symptom and warn about a “worrying image”

British application ZOE Govt study, An initiative launched under the auspices of ZOE, a health science organization King’s College London, Report UN New symptom for corona patients, Suffers from variability Micron.

SARS Cove-2 mutation It was first recorded in South Africa and according to World Health Organization (WHO) Together with Delta, being responsible for causing a “tsunami of epidemics” poses a high risk of contagion, although with “mild” effects in vaccinated populations.

“The cure for the disease is very different between those who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated. Louis Semara.

Fever and sore throat are two characteristic symptoms, ZOE Govt study Now added Skin rash in two types.

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Micron: New corona virus variant symptom

According to the British study application, the newcomers were diagnosed Micron variation, A skin rash report.

as a consequence, ZOE Govt Now I have named it “Main symptom”.

However, the epidermis is not identical because it manifests itself in two ways:

  1. First, and often appear, a Hive-like rash, Which looks like elevated bumps and is very corrosive. According to experts, they believe it will start now Palms or soles.

  2. Second, heat-like rash appears all over the body, but not in general Elbows, knees and back of arms and legs.

“As cases increase week by week since the variation was first discovered, the future picture looks worrying,” warned the professor and director behind the ZOE Kovid study. Tim Specter, In which he added: “Although the numbers draw a worrying picture, the good news is that our initial data is based on about 2,500 potential cases reported in the ZOE application. Micron It’s lighter than Delta. “

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