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Brian Castano holds the Argentine boxing flag | Functional balance in the current 2021

Brian Castano He was again the standard bearer of Argentine boxing in 2021. La Mattanza’s player won the organization’s Super Welderweight title on February 14 in Colorado (USA), defeating Brazil’s Patrick Dixiera in 12 rounds. And he was to reach the remaining three crowns. On July 17 in San Antonio (Texas) he faced American Jermel Charlo, the champion of council, federation and organization, and after 12 intense rounds he reached the draw, which hurt him.

Argentina’s only world champion Castano. He is also backed by powerful adviser Al Heyman, his company Premier Boxing Champions (also manages Charlotte) and American television. This is why he will be the hero of the big fights again in 2022. There are talks of taking revenge on Charlo and going to Australia to defend his crown against the undefeated Tim Chiu. In any case, you will take more risks. But Castano, 32, has 20 wins in 22 fights (12 before the limit) and is unbeaten enough to face them, unbeaten with two tracks.

At the lowest level, Buenos Aires’ superlight stand out internationally Jeremiah Bones. Led by Alberto Zacarias with a firm and patient hand, He went to Europe twice, and on both occasions, he was limited by knockout. In Newcastle (England) on June 12, he defeated local Louis Ritzen in the 10th round by TKO and on November 20 in Hamburg (Germany) he defeated Venezuelan tester Michael Morgano in two rounds. Undefeated in 29 fights, the Confederates topped the list with 20 wins before the limit, Ponce aspires to get a chance with co-champion Scotsman Josh Taylor in 2022. Maybe he should give Puerto Rican another choice of a tie against knockout Subriel Matías.

Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez He dreams of becoming the world middleweight champion from Spain again. But in 2021 he was not so active. After returning in 2020 with two knockout victories against ordinary Jose Miguel Fontino and Jussie Coyula, he only made one fight this year: on 25 September he won 10 rounds for the English. He raised the distance between dreams and reality. On January 27, they announced it against the English McCauley McCowan in Madrid. With 47 years to go, Maravilla hopes he can still win time and distrust for himself, and that Cuba will have a chance to yearn for the club’s crown against Erisland Laura in 2022.

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Who sadly lost the year Augustine Gado. Lanus Miniature Fly was wandering for the chance to fight for the world title it had in 2020, which disappeared due to the epidemic. But suddenly, He decided to change his manager (replaced by Oswaldo Rivero and was managed by Marcos Maidana), who was in the middle of a controversy over interests and was only able to make one fight: He reappeared in Dசsseldorf (Germany) on November 13, defeating Georgia Jaba Memishishi, who could not be represented by a technical knockout in one round. Gauto wants to increase his pace in 2022. He is 4th in the organization rankings, 5th in the federation and 7th in the association and he should not be idle.

On the other hand, driven by the weakness of the peso and coveted by the tough currency bags given to them, many Argentine fighters went abroad to exchange defeats for dollars. This exodus of the middle class from national boxing weakened local billboards. Many programs lack hierarchies, but one promise remains: the 21-year-old left-hander from La Rioja Jose Angel Rosa did 11 fights (he was the most active Argentine boxer of the year) and won all nine of them on the fast track. It remains to be seen what will happen to him when he raises the opposition. But his arm was too heavy.

Despite being a very sensible position in home boxing, Canal Nue restores functionality to open television through a cycle inspired by Marcos Maidana Three more signals (twice a week TyC Sports and ESPN and Direct Tv Sports occasionally) competed with mixed luck. TyC Sports and Oswaldo Rivero reopened Luna Park on November 20 with a cool festival that, despite numerous knockouts, was far from transmitting the vibrations of the big nights. Deborah Dionysius and Marcela Aguina were in the background fighting at the time. It is also the valid recognition of women’s boxing that brings together eight world champions.

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Indescribable Yésica Bopp (Association) and Evelyn Bermúdez (Federation) command, Leonela Yúdica (Federation) and Débora Anahí López (Organization) Fly, Micaela Luján (Federation) cock and Daniela Fermatos (supermodel) supermodel, indescribable in light flyweight Dionysius (organization) trained in the feather division. Returning to women’s activities in the midst of infection was more complicated than men’s. But television also continued to bet on them. That is why it is commendable that Argentina has been able to raise the flag of boxing. 2022 should be much better for them and them.