December 7, 2023

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Microsoft has temporarily blocked ChatGPT for employees

Microsoft has temporarily blocked ChatGPT for employees

picture: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

The friendly relationship between Microsoft and OpenAI has been a huge success Another obstacle Thursday. The Windows maker has temporarily blocked employee access to… ChatGPThis first product Billions invested Of OpenAI, due to security concerns on Thursday, first reported by CNBC.

“Due to security and data concerns, a number of AI tools are no longer available for employees to use,” Microsoft said in an internal update seen by CNBC. The company’s devices were temporarily unable to access ChatGPT and other AI services such as Midjourney and Replika. The restriction came on the same day that OpenAI publicly announced DDoS attack on their systems, causing a global outage the following week Development day And disable the rollout of GPTs.

“Although Microsoft has invested in OpenAI, and ChatGPT has built-in safeguards to prevent improper use, the website is nonetheless an external, third-party service,” Microsoft said internally. “This means that you should be careful when using it due to privacy and security risks.

A Microsoft spokesperson told CNBC that the temporary blockage was an error resulting from testing control systems for large language models.

“We restored service shortly after discovering our error,” the spokesperson said. “As we said previously, we encourage employees and customers to use services like Bing Chat Enterprise and ChatGPT Enterprise that come with higher levels of privacy and security protections.”

Microsoft and OpenAI did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

“Rumors we suppress Microsoft 365 Sam Altman said in a tweet Thursday night.

Apple has warned employees to move away from using ChatGPT in May, fearing that the AI ​​would leak sensitive company information. Amazon has also asked employees not to do so Share sensitive code With OpenAI’s chatbot in January. Security concerns are widespread around the use of ChatGPT, and Microsoft is not the first company to block employee access to the large language model.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined OpenAI’s Sam Altman on stage during DevDay, a successful event that may have been distorted After a week of hacks, outages and restrictions from its largest investor.

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