September 27, 2023

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Microsoft is closing the Xbox 360 Store in 2024

Microsoft is closing the Xbox 360 Store in 2024


Microsoft has announced that it will be closing the Xbox 360 Store next year.

Specifically, users of the Xbox 360 console will no longer be able to purchase content directly through the console or through the Xbox 360 Marketplace starting July 29, 2024.

Players who use their old Xbox 360 consoles after this date will still be able to use all previously purchased Xbox 360 games and downloadable content.

If players delete a game they purchased, they can still download it again. Players will also still be able to play these games online (as long as their publisher is supported), and they can still save their game progress to the cloud.

This does not affect the ability to purchase backward compatible Xbox 360 games and downloadable content on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S stores as titles will continue to be available.

But backward compatibility only goes so far. 2,154 games have been released for the Xbox 360, but only 633 are considered backwards compatible.

according to VGCIt is estimated that as a result of this closure, about 220 non-backward compatible Xbox 360 digital-only games will no longer be available from that date and will essentially disappear from the console with a few not available anywhere else.

source: VGC

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