May 19, 2024

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Miley criticized for breaking Argentina's historic tie | “We don't want them to bring war to our soil”

Miley criticized for breaking Argentina's historic tie |  “We don't want them to bring war to our soil”

Opposition leaders, Peronists, and figures who made up Macrismo's diplomatic corps questioned Javier Millay's decision to abandon the Argentine government's traditional geopolitical strategy of non-alignment or neutrality and openly support Israel and the United States. Middle East. Critics warn that the reckless and dangerously exposed president is acting without regard for the country's interests.

Juan Grabois criticized Mili's stance and warned of the danger of “bringing war between powers to our land”. “Miley puts his own ideological prejudices and personal relationships above national interests. We don't want them to bring war between powers in our land. We have already had enough of planned misery,” he said. The leader of the Frente Patria Grande is “a neutral, peaceful, non-aligned and Latin American Argentina that defends its own interests as a nation based on needs. its people.”

With a publication on his social networks, former President Alberto Fernandez said that Argentina must “condemn Iran's attack on Israel”. However, the longest paragraph was written for Miley: “The president must understand that it is essential for Argentina to promote a cease-fire and to advocate firmly for peace, especially in that region of the world. It is important that we demand a peaceful solution that respects diversity. , an important tool for resolving global conflicts, not a way to resolve disputes that arise,” Fernández said. reminded him. Also, the former president recalled the attacks against Amiya and the Israeli Embassy: “Our society has been victim to the same violence and the tragedy suffered still leaves the wounds open.”

Eduardo Toniolli, national deputy from the Evita movement, said, “Miley is debating between deploying our armed forces in a conflict 13,000 kilometers from home, sending Isidro Casanova on patrol, or doing both at the same time. Laura Richardson is responsible for the entire del Atlantico South.”

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From the Left Front, Vice Chancellor Gabriel Solano said, “Miley's hyperactivity is dangerous. “He wants to join Argentina in imperialism and Israel's war against Palestine and the Middle East.”

Agustin Rossi, former defense minister during the administration of Cristina Kirchner and Alberto Fernández, said that “under any circumstances Argentina must advocate peace, cessation of hostilities and armed conflict”. Consulted by Page 12, the President's government must “return to neutrality; Neutrality does not mean inaction, we speak of active neutrality seeking an end to war and seeking peace. That is what we have proposed since day one. “When millions of people in the world are in poverty, it is irrational for some powers to waste their resources by escalating the conflict,” he added.

As for what the risks are for a country that has already suffered from AMIA attacks and an attack on the Israeli embassy, ​​Rossi opined, “Generally, whenever a state automatically aligns itself with a power, it assumes a policy of automatic alignment. Outside of that country, the interests of the countries leading that alignment are at stake.” It means taking part in disputes.” It is positioned in favor of de-escalating the Middle East conflict,” he concluded.

Marcosmo's ex-ambassador Diego Cuellar vowed that he “would never have established an alliance of that magnitude” with the Israeli government. “There are no reasons,” he said. The former diplomat recalled that “based on historical principle, Argentina recognized the Palestinian embassy in the same way as Israel.” The government should maintain a “message of peace and a perspective of two-state dialogue”. “Today there is an open war between Iran and Israel, a declared war,” he explained in an interview. Awesome – 990And added: “They can carry nuclear explosives, which we don't know if Iran has, but Israel does.”

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According to the former diplomat, “the problem is that Iran's level of desperation is very high” and “the wounded animal can act in any way.” In that regard, he reiterated his call for China and the US to act “jointly” and avoid “tragic consequences”.