June 23, 2024

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Vice-Chancellor Jaime Naranzo, who spoke for 15 hours on the charge against Sebastian Pinera, must seek approval | His long speech allowed the missing votes to be added

Chilean opposition representatives celebrated with standing applause Confession to the charge against Sebastian Pinera, For the maneuvers revealed in the Pandora documents. But the applause went to Jaime Naranzov of the Socialist Party, who set the record for the longest speech in a 14-hour speech with two interruptions of 15 minutes.

On social media, Naranzo became a hero. Users who followed his speech minute by minute described the event Something like the epic, the record that runs the ballot difference after midnight Thus enabling the participation of two delegates working during the last hour of isolation.

The move, which was taken as a crime, was seen as a gesture of solidarity and commitment. This is related to the attitude of the deputy towards his speech.

“President Pinara has already been acquitted of repeated violations of the human rights of our community, and we are paying the price. But today this President has taken a very bold step. It engages the Chilean government with its commercial interests but further damages the nation’s reputation. There has never been a president in the history of this country who, during his tenure, has accused two such serious things, ”Naranzo concluded.

“That is why I hope this room will recognize the accusation, otherwise the country will determine those criteria for opposing or voting against.He will judge those who allow him to escape this punishment in the country ”, Naranjo was covered to the applause of the standing delegates.

Naranzo, accused by the ruling party

Naranzo’s strategy created discomfort on the government bench. A group of pro-government parliamentarians announced that the indictment against the Socialist deputy would be presented to the lower house ethics commission.

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“The truth is that today a company in the Republic is being used in a very pathetic way, which is why we are going to take Deputy Naranso to the Ethics Commission because he is violating two articles of the chamber,” said Deputy Sebastian Doryalpa (National). Update) at a press conference.