February 21, 2024

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More problems for Boeing: A plane blew a tire just before takeoff

More problems for Boeing: A plane blew a tire just before takeoff
With the alternate flight, the airline was able to mitigate inconvenience to passengers, demonstrating efficiency in its contingency protocol. (REUTERS/Mike Shekar)

A Boeing 757 Delta Air Lines He registered an incident last Saturday at the International Airport Hartsfield-Jackson In Atlanta, when Front landing gear It lost one of its tires just before it was cleared to take off for Bogotá, Colombia. According to preliminary reports Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)The incident occurred around 11:15 a.m. and no injuries were reported 172 passengersTwo pilots and four crew members were on board.

According to The New York Times, the flight was diverted and the passengers transferred to another flight. The airline was forced to arrange an alternate flight for the victims while the FAA continues related investigations.

For his part, a spokesperson Boeing He declined to comment and referred questions Delta. The incident adds to the recent string of issues that have plagued the company, including a Alaska Airlines Suffered the loss of a crew mid-flight FAA About 170 model aircraft were ordered to be reviewed 737 max 9 Inside America.

According to online records, the aircraft, which has been in service since 1992, was repaired and returned to service the day after the incident. The incident caught the attention of an aviation fan who captured the moment on video as he waited on the runway for the plane to be towed away.

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Although the 757 family of aircraft Boeing Not involved in the current problems of the company and Delta Air Lines Does not run anything 737 max The aeronautical company's image has been damaged by recent inspection orders.

He Atlanta Airport recognized as Most exciting in the worldWith more than 93 million annual passengers, according to the data International Airport Council. This last incident adds to the memory of the 747 cargo jet Boeing Flames were seen shooting into the sky Miami last week

The FAA is investigating the Boeing 757 incident, seeking to clarify the causes and avoid future incidents in aviation safety (AP Photo/Paul Sancia)

CEO of Alaska Airlines, Ben ministickmentioned NBC News An internal investigation revealed that “multiple flights”. Maximum 9 They had loose screws. On the other hand, the recording of the communication from the control tower obtained through the YouTube channel VASAviationIt showed how other pilots reported the mishap to the control tower, highlighting the quick response to the incident.

Delta expressed its commitment to its users: “We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience caused by this accident” and assured that their luggage was transferred with them to the new flight designated for their flight. After clearing the runway and transferring passengers, the flight returned to normal the next day, quickly and safely rectifying the situation.

This collection of negative events Boeing This is part of a broader framework on the safety of its aircraft, which has increased in recent years after well-known fatal accidents and has drawn attention to maintenance and technical oversight standards and procedures.

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