July 22, 2024

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Motorola showcases its foldable smart concept

Motorola showcases its foldable smart concept

We’ve seen rollable hardware concepts from companies like OPPO And TCL and LG were even working on a file foldable commercial smartphone to be quit making mobile devices last year. Now, Lenovo is showing off a laptop with a display, while the Motorola mobile division has a trade-in smartphone — and it looks like some more hands-on effort so far.

The phone starts out at 4 inches high, but with the click of a button, the OLED panel extends to the regular 6.5 inches. Another click returns the phone to its original shape. It’s usable in both sizes, and the content on the screen adjusts to the size, including the home screen, videos, and more, as shown below.

Lenovo also showed off a foldable laptop that starts out in a typical landscape view and then rolls into a square shape, making it better for vertical TikTok style documents or videos. Lenovo VP of Design Brian Leonard explained in the video that it’s part of Lenovo’s research into new form factors that began with the ThinkPad 360P laptop/tablet. “It can expand to a much larger screen area as content dynamically adapts to the screen, providing people with an unprecedented approach to hyper-tasking for productivity, browsing, and more,” he explained.

Motorola already makes a foldable device, the Razr, which is unfortunately not available in China, but nothing like that. People seem to like these mutable concepts – for example, LG Rollable OLED TV It was a popular item at CES 2019. And in some ways, the roll-up screen is more elegant than the foldable screen, as there’s no hinge or crease to worry about. While it’s still quite frank in the concept world at the moment, we’d love to see Lenovo take a chance to commercialize it.

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