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Overwatch 2 Battle Pass contains players who want to recover loot chests

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass contains players who want to recover loot chests

Genji dives into a legendary loot chest.

picture: Blizzard / Kotaku

in two weeks Monitor 2 Going live – yes, it’s only been a couple of weeks – players have been so disappointed with the hero shooter’s free-to-play and battle pass system that they long for the days when the original game had loot chests.

In a post on Monitor 2 forumuser LeafyBamboo summed up the game’s battle pass system as an “outright insult” compared to Watch 1Controversial loot box system. While the random open loot box Note and watch Often Get duplicate shapes, fonts, or emojisLeafyBamboo argued that coins received from duplicate items at least gave players some virtual coins to put into skins they actually wanted. As is the case , Monitor 2The Battle Pass does not give players in-game currency that they can use in skins or purchase future Battle Passes, which includes two players Wondering about the idea of ​​being excited about new skins.

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“In other games, if I didn’t want to pay for a battle ticket, I’d at least get some decent free rewards. LeafyBamboo wrote that the fact that even a small stupid little player code and some ugly nameplates are locked behind a premium, is a crazy idea,” wrote LeafyBamboo.

“Almost every match with a battle pass is like Call of dutyAnd the fortniteAnd the Died in broad daylight etc., does so,” Redditor HydeSpectre Wrote in a similar post On the r/Overwatch subreddit. “This game does not mean that you have to spend money every season and it is very lame.”

OW2The current grind results in “modest rewards” according to LeafyBamboo, who maintains that these lackluster rewards serve the purpose of further distancing players from buying a Battle Pass in order to feel that the hours they’ve logged into the game matter. LeafyBamboo is not alone in this feeling.

“People want the game to give a rewarding sense of progression but this battle pass just doesn’t provide enough for the amount of effort you have to put in to unlock everything,” Answered by FizzyMilk.

“It’s too bad I don’t understand souvenirs? Why would I want to use the worst feelings lol,” The human said.

“If a blizzard goes away Hello way and making it so that the battle passes don’t expire and you can choose which one you want to settle for, that would at least take the sting out of the big slap across the face that Blizzard gave all its loyal players,” Another player argued.

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whenever Note and watch It soured players in the past, and always managed to lure them back in with vibrant new skins of their favorite heroes. But Note and watchPavlovian magic seems to have lost its effect on some players. Gallery a: OW2His cooperation with McDonald’s, which upset him a week ago in The official Australian Twitter account clown delicatessen. While players were thrilled with the prospect that co-op could lead to some sort of game play for their heroes or Mickey D-inspired skins, the metaphorical sesame seed cake was pulled from underneath when they learned it was just a closed area free skin event for one of Tracer’s worst forms. Congratulations, Australia. Enjoy it.

Figure B: OW2Discounted skin packs. To Blizzard Credit, Browse Profile OW2 The store leads players to an in-game menu with a rotating selection of skin packs at a reduced price. The only problem is that those discounts look more like the fast food owner Mr. Krabs SpongeBob SquarePants necessary deals. While some players found Uh2 discounted skins to be more expensive than OW1Typical asking pricesother players reported that some of the “Discounts” are not discounts at all It costs the same price as before, only now accompanied by the “Discount” sign.

“Blizzard’s monetization of this game is absolutely absurd,” thatwasanillegalknee wrote response.

“I can’t believe we’ve reached a point where we’re asking for the stolen boxes to be returned,” Nunziol said.

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The shape C is OW2Grind to cool skins. Although the folks at the r/Overwatch subreddit agree OW2Elegant and legendary skins—Especially Kiriko’s new skin in the upcoming cyberpunk skin pack, which was Captured on camera and shared on Twitter This week – any hype for shiny new skins is immediately hampered by the fact that players will either have to pay $20 for a Battle Pass or grind for countless hours to get it.

OW1Somehow, after years of controversy over Lootbox, it ended up being a rewarding game compared to OW2Radiator Rokuzan said:.

“Yeah, after all the hate they originally received, it’s a bit funny to see the nostalgia for them now,” Waferchocobar answered in the thread. “What was said, UhThe loot box system was well implemented and not overly monetized compared to others, so there is this too.”

“Seeing things like this makes me so happy to be an old player with at least one good skin per person. OW1 a hero,” other books user.

Kotaku I reached out to Blizzard for comment.

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