December 5, 2023

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NATO warns of Russian “threat” | US President Joe Biden announces military build-up in Europe

NATO warns of Russian “threat” |  US President Joe Biden announces military build-up in Europe

NATO leaders on Wednesday described Russia as a “serious and direct threat” to their security And they saw China for the first time as a “challenge” in the new strategy for the next decade, which seeks to prepare the Atlantic Alliance for a “more dangerous” world. At the summit in Madrid, The United States has announced an increase in its military presence In Europe, in addition to the Baltic region, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For your part Before the Allied military consolidation, Moscow assured that its government would not be intimidated and would not be idle..

Support for Ukraine “as needed”

We are facing a drastic change in our security environment. And strategic competition is on the rise around the world, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Jens Stoltenberg. At the meeting, the coalition leaders gave the green light to the “Madrid Strategic Concept”, a document based on their policies and which will guide their policies for the next decade.

Russia’s war in Ukraine “accumulates” peace in EuropeThe leaders highlight the speech, in which the then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev also participated in the summit in Lisbon, where they last recognized their “last strategic partner” approach in 2010, which they maintained from Moscow.

The Allies held a working session in Ukraine dedicated to the war, in which President Volodymyr Zhelensky participated in a video conference praising his “leadership”. In the Spanish capital, Coalition leaders gave the green light to kyiv’s comprehensive communications, fuel, medical supplies and armor, as well as a comprehensive aid package that includes mining and equipment to deal with chemical and biological threats.

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According to Stoltenberg, it also has “hundreds of small anti-drone systems” who have promised to “help Ukraine transition from Soviet – era equipment to modern NATO equipment in the long run.” The Secretary-General made it clear that NATO countries would support Ukraine “as needed” and that allies should be “prepared for the long haul” because wars are unpredictable.

The President announced the strengthening of the US military presence in Europe Joe பிடன் One considers Higher deployment in Spain, Poland, Romania, Baltic states, UK, Germany and Italy. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson began by saying, “If you expect Putin to have less NATO in the East as a result of his illegal and unwanted invasion of Ukraine, he was wrong: he will get more NATO.” .

Moscow condemns NATO aggression

Russia has vowed not to fear an increase in US military presence in many European countries, while insisting that the Russian government will not stand idly by and guarantee the country’s security. “I think these are the proposers of the results They have the illusion that they can intimidate and control Russia in some way. They will not succeedThe Deputy Foreign Minister said. Sergei RybkovAccording to the RIA Novosti Agency.

Ryapkov pointed out that the security of countries where additional US troops appear will not be strengthened, but the possibility of stabilization will recede. “The risks increase. We will not be idle. We have the skills and resources. Security is 100 percent guaranteed, “said a Russian official.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZhelenskyHe spoke via video conference at the summit and called for “more modern systems, more modern artillery.” Economic support is “no less important than arms assistance” And that he needs about five billion dollars a month for the defense of his country. On the ground, Ukraine sent back 144 soldiers in the largest prisoner transfer with Russia since the beginning of the war.

NATO targets China

In the document signed on Wednesday, NATO is referring to China for the first time. Beijing takes a standIn conjunction with Moscow, Against the “open door” policy of the Atlantic AllianceAnother factor that sparked a debate among allies as to whether China should be considered a threat or simply a challenge was to skyrocket its investment in defense and increase its nuclear capability.

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The new strategic concept chose the latter and warned that in addition to establishing an alliance of allies against terrorism and cyber and hybrid threats, China was “challenging our interests, security and values.” “China is not our enemy, but we must be aware of the serious challenges it poses.”Stoltenberg noted.

Official call for Sweden and Finland

After Turkey removed its veto to enter into an alliance with Sweden and Finland on TuesdayAfter mediating Stoltenberg in intensive negotiations, Allied leaders formally invited the two Nordic countries to join NATOPromised him further counter-terrorism cooperation to overcome Ankara’s restrictions.

In addition, the Allied leaders agreed to sign the two countries’ merger protocols. Then, national accreditation of the 30 allies must take place, and once that process is complete Sweden and Finland will be closed only by NATO’s joint security policy.

Joe Biden congratulated his Turkish envoy, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Wednesday, He said, was a “great job” in negotiations with Sweden and Finland. For his part, Erdogan, who is in Madrid, said that after the NATO summit they could return to their countries “with full hands and full satisfaction”.

The partners held a working session with the European Union and for the first time partners from Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. “Global solutions to global challenges such as maritime security or climate change”Stoltenberg said. NATO foreign ministers also met with Jordan and Mauritania to reaffirm NATO’s commitment to “continuing to respond to southern challenges, including the Sahel.”