May 31, 2023

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Netflix Finally Starts Charging for Shared Accounts: How Much It Costs – Tips – Come and See

NetflixAfter going back and forth, a move was finally made to restrict shared accounts.

This way, users who share their password with people living outside their home will have to pay extra, it said in a statement 699 per house.

Starting this Tuesday, site users will receive an email informing them of the new payment method.

They explained that they were accounts from the streaming company They are designed to be used in a single household. And anyone residing at the same address can access your account from anywhere using the features: “Change profile” or “Manage access and devices”.

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The company recommends logging out of devices that others may use, and changing your password if you notice someone else using the service under the same account.

Option to share account “Add Additional Member” Pay each out-of-home user the company-provided amount.

From the site, they recommended users to check if there is any doubt Help Center.

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Netflix Pay

Basic plan: $699 to $999 ($1,758.24 final price with taxes).

Standard plan: $1,299 to $1,699 ($2,990.24 final price with taxes)

Premium plan: $1,899 to $2,399 ($4,222.24 final price with taxes)

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