April 13, 2024

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Netflix's Three Body Problem is facing controversy in China

Netflix's Three Body Problem is facing controversy in China

The opening scene of 3 Body Trouble is facing backlash from Chinese viewers.

Sci-fi series on Netflix 3 Body problem It sparked intense controversy among viewers in China.

Based on Liu Cixin's Hugo Award-winning novel from 2008, 3 Body problem It depicts humanity preparing for an extraterrestrial invasion. The controversial opening sequence is set in 1966 during the Chinese Cultural Revolution at a university in Beijing. In the scene, a physics professor is brutally assaulted by Communist Red Guards for opposing government ideologies, all while a jeering crowd watches. The series spread on Chinese social media with CNN It was reported that it sparked “nationalist anger” in China. Some viewers She accused Hollywood of deliberately portraying China in a negative light through its depiction of the Red Guards.


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David Benioff, co-showrunner 3 Body problem Along with Dan Weiss and Alexander Wu, they addressed the scene's anti-authoritarian undertones during a visit in 2022. “We tend to move in cycles in terms of human history, and we're going through a certain period of the cycle right now,” Benioff told The Hollywood Reporter. There are many important differences between now and the Cultural Revolution. But there are also some similarities. It was never something where we were like, “We should do this show because we want to comment on it.” But it's interesting that the similarities are there and it's hard to ignore them. .

The sequence was absent in the Chinese adaptation

It was the sequence Noticeably absent in the 30-episode Chinese version released in 2023 By Tencent. Critics accused the Chinese Communist Party of trying to erase the Cultural Revolution and its atrocities from history and popular culture. Others have criticized “politically correct” adaptations of the story, such as the Netflix version featuring a more diverse international cast, moving the story to London, and moving away from the original Chinese setting. The hashtag “Chinese version wins” was popular, referring to Tencent's modification.


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Rosalind Zhao, who portrays the adult Ye Wenjie 3 Body problem She shared her thoughts with THR regarding the Cultural Revolution scenes and their adaptations, saying, “I think it's important to have an international version of the story. The narrow-mindedness drives me a little crazy. Am I OK with that? I'd love for this to become more international for a broader audience.” You'll probably blacklist me in China for saying this. They don't talk about the revolution. It's inherent that it's not discussed, when it's such a big part of history and the fact that it can be told here in a way that also embraces the science fiction genre, it's kind of exciting. It's important for people to understand The history of the world and what makes people the way they are.”

3 Body problem Currently available to stream on Netflix.

Source: CNN