February 29, 2024

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New clashes have been recorded after a bloody riot that killed 68 inmates at an Ecuadorian prison.

Police have not yet taken control of El Lidoral (AFP) prison.

The Ecuadorian government on Saturday warned of new attacks between inmates of two pavilions at the city’s main prison in Guayaquil, following a massacre recorded this morning at a prison that killed 68 inmates..

“At the moment, new incidents are taking place inside the Literal prison, with attacks taking place from one pavilion to another,” Ecuadorian government spokesman Carlos Gijon said at a news conference in Guayaquil.

“Attacks are taking place between Pavilion 12 and Pavilion 7,” the spokesman explained, adding that “police have entered the area at this time to protect the lives of the detainees.”

The clashes come just hours after 68 inmates were killed in a riot inside a literal prison that recorded the worst prison massacre in the country last September.

A new bloodbath with cremated bodies engulfed the main prison in the Ecuadorian port of Guayaquil: Between Friday and Saturday, inmates struggled with guns and ammunition despite the state of emergency in crowded prisons in Ecuador., The worst massacre in Latin American prison history this year.

Then new conflicts erupted One of the groups invaded a pavilion to kill members of the opposition.

They were “very serious bullet crosses” near the prison gates, a “barbaric situation” described by Pablo Arosmena, the governor of Guayaquil, in Guayaquil (southwest) on its jurisdiction.

Military guards in custody outside Guayaquil 1 prison following the outbreak of violence among prisoners killed by 58 people in Guayaquil, Ecuador on November 13, 2021 (AFP)
Military guards in custody outside Guayaquil 1 prison following the outbreak of violence among prisoners killed by 58 people in Guayaquil, Ecuador on November 13, 2021 (AFP)

This Saturday, Police Chief General Tanya Varela told a news conference about the tragic consequences of the controversy that has plunged the country into unprecedented prison anarchy. In the first report he talked about 58 dead prisoners, but then the prosecutor’s office, in a tweet, raised the death toll to 68 and announced that 25 people had been injured.

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Images posted on social networking sites show some prisoners setting fire to their bloody bodies.

In a live feed on Facebook, a prisoner begs for help. “Many have been injured and died down, we do not know how many,” he warned, before warning that the attackers were breaking down walls through “holes” opened by explosives.

In the morning, police wearing ski masks dropped a body down on the bloody walls, the AFP photographer observed. In one of his pictures, the body of a man in an orange uniform is also found in the upper part of the prison.

“They are human”

President Guillermo Lasso sent his “condolences” from Twitter to the families of the victims and demanded “appropriate institutional tools” to deal with the prison emergency. He hid his criticism of the Constitutional Court for limiting exceptions to prisons and preventing the military from entering prisons.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the judges, this emergency action will last till the end of this month.

Violence has not stopped since September, with more than 320 people killed in all prisons so far this year, with the massacre on Friday.

From the beginning, dozens of relatives gathered outside the prison, some with banners reading “They are human beings, help them”, with the support of a tank in the middle of a police and army.

Frustration among prisoners' relatives (REUTERS / Santiago Arcos)
Frustration among prisoners’ relatives (REUTERS / Santiago Arcos)

Berta Yago, 51, the aunt of a prisoner identified as Roberto Sevalos, cried out for her son – in – law’s release: “Help me get someone out of the dead before they can get him out.” As he told the AFP, his cousin had already received a “knife in the leg” in another confrontation.

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About 8,400 inmates in prisons in the Andean cities of Quenca and Ladakhga “refused to eat” on Saturday, according to the Prisons Agency (SNAI).

KwaZulu-Natal prison is one of the most important in the country, with 8,500 inmates and a population of 60%, according to official figures.

Rival gangs involved in drug trafficking have been involved in a bloody dispute in that prison. Authorities have identified at least seven groups, including the Choneros, Lobos, Tiguerones and Latin King.

With information from EFE and AFP

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