June 25, 2024

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New escalation between Spain and Israel: Hebrew foreign minister releases video linking flamenco dance to Hamas attacks and Alvarez responds

New escalation between Spain and Israel: Hebrew foreign minister releases video linking flamenco dance to Hamas attacks and Alvarez responds
Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Albarez (EFE/JJ Guillén)

Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Jose Manuel AlbarezThis Sunday has secured approval State of PalestineAs an encouragement to the two-state path and as a means to ensure the future and prosperity of the Middle East, Israel called for an end to the war, pointing out that it would not intimidate Spain from taking this step. Gaza Strip.

The foreign minister condemned the “defamatory and hateful” Israeli video at a press conference from Brussels where he met with Palestinian Prime Minister Mohamed Mustafa. Intersperses images of flamenco dancers with Hamas attacks In it he addresses the head of government directly, “Pedro Sánchez, Hamas thanks you for your service.”

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He has been criticized in this way.Offensive useSpanish culture in the Tel Aviv area, but warned that “no one is going to threaten the decision to recognize Palestine.” “We will not fall for provocations It distracts us from the cause of peace,” he replied.

After the decision announced this week, Álvarez announced that he would also discuss the summons of Ireland and Norway and his ambassadors. “It was completely unacceptable. We are going to analyze it together,” he said.

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.@sanchezcastejonThank you Hamas for your service. pic.twitter.com/Pkdp5diHRX

— ישראל כ”ץ Israel Katz (@Israel_katz) May 26, 2024

For his part, the Palestinian Prime Minister thanked Madrid, Dublin and Oslo for the joint action, confirming that he wanted other European countries to follow suit. “It will encourage others to take this bold step. “Some countries are skeptical, but we call for a quick decision to end the injustice the Palestinian people have been suffering for weeks,” he noted.

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Mustafa explained that he takes this recognition as a “.Responsible“To work together and”Transform a legal and political position into something concrete on the ground”. According to him, recognition is a way to keep the peace process and the two-state solution alive. “Recognition is the right thing to do now. This is not the end of anything, but the beginning of a new phase,” he summed up.

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On the EU’s stance on the conflict in Gaza, the Palestinian leader condemned the attack and insisted it was time to “move on”. “We must raise our voice more and demand a ceasefire. It is time to end the war, we are losing hundreds of people every day,” he pointed out.

The meeting came just 48 hours before the formal recognition of a Palestinian state. The meeting will take place on Monday morning, before the EU foreign ministers, Michael Martin from Ireland and Espen Garth Eide from Norway, start a meeting between Spain and the two countries that recognize Palestine. Tuesday, May 28.

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