June 22, 2024

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Mariana Rodríguez asks for cancellation of MC campaign shutdown after accident at Alvarez Maines rally

Mariana Rodríguez asks for cancellation of MC campaign shutdown after accident at Alvarez Maines rally
Mariana Rodríguez is asking for resources to be donated from the end of the campaign to the victims of the temple collapse in San Pedro, Nuevo Leon last Wednesday. (Mariana Rodriguez)

Monterrey mayoral candidate, via video posted on X Citizens Movement (MC), Mariana RodriguezInvitation to party members and candidates in the metropolitan area New Lion Join and cancel with the end of the campaign scheduled for next Wednesday Donate those resources For the victims of the San Pedro accident.

The campaign ended last Wednesday due to an accident at a political rally Lorenia Kanavati, Municipal President candidate San Pedro Garza GarciaIn Nuevo Leon, citizens’ movement militias decided to postpone Campaign is over Among the candidates from the metropolitan area, this is after a temple collapse that caused 9 deaths and 70 injuries.

In this shutdown scheduled for Saturday, May 26, local Nuevo Leon candidates will have their Campaign events At Monterey’s Macroplaza, Jorge Álvarez Menez will end his tour. however, Mariana Rodriguez In his video, he noted that this is not a time to celebrate, but to mourn for the families who have lost loved ones and the injured survivors.

“I call for the unity of the citizens’ movement and the metropolitan candidates of the MC, not to close this, but to donate this money that is going to be invested in the closure to the relatives and all those affected by the tragedy. “This happened on Wednesday,” he said.

Likewise, the candidate said it was necessary to empathize with the situation due to the loss of life and the injured, so his call seeks to benefit the victims after attending a political rally of the Citizens Movement. Additionally, he said he hoped for the sensitivity of his fellow activists to accept the cancellation of the campaign shutdown.

“I think now is not the time to celebrate massively, I think it’s time to be supportive and sympathetic to the situation, and I’m sure everyone will agree, so I’m making this call to cancel the metropolitan closure. This money goes to those affected by the tragedy this Wednesday.”

For its part, Jorge Alvarez Maynes He did not hesitate to respond to Mariana Rodríguez’s request because the candidate for MC for the presidency of Mexico was also at the San Pedro rally. It is noteworthy that the building supporting the stage collapsed in a matter of seconds due to strong typhoon winds.

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In this regard, Mines showed his support for the plan to donate resources to close the upcoming campaign in Monterrey: “I agree with Mariana. “I trust the sensitivity of my colleagues from Nuevo León.”

Maynes supported Mariana Rodriguez’s request to donate resources for campaign completion.

After the crash, Maynes canceled his campaign events to attend to the injured and to mourn the nine dead, however, he resumed his political activities in Mexico City on May 24.

In addition, the participation of Grupo Intocable and La Leyenda is planned for this completion of the campaign, who will be responsible for setting the tone for the political event for all participants. However, the Citizens Movement Party is yet to confirm the cancellation of the event.

On the other hand, the Governor of the State of Nuevo Leon, Samuel Garcia, announced a compensation of Rs 400,000 to the families of those who died in the rally and the government would bear the cost of the funeral. As for the injured, they will be paid 100,000 pesos while their health and evolution are assessed, he said.

Monterrey mayoral candidate Marana Rodríguez calls on MC candidates in Monterrey to cancel campaign shutdowns and donate those resources to victims of the temple collapse at a party rally. Credit: X/@marrdzcantu