June 25, 2024

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New threat from Beijing: Taiwan’s new president warns “there is only one China”

New threat from Beijing: Taiwan’s new president warns “there is only one China”
File photo. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi (REUTERS/Marko Djurica)

Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, He recalled this Monday Taiwan is a part of China After the newly inaugurated President of Taiwan, William Loy, Beijing has insisted on “confronting the existence” of the island as a completely independent entity.

There is only one China in the world. This is a historical and legal fact. “It doesn’t matter how the situation changes in Taiwan,” he said on the sidelines of a meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) foreign ministers in Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana.

In this sense, he emphasized, Taiwanese separatism is “the most serious challenge to the international order, the most dangerous change to the situation across the Taiwan Strait and the most important damage to peace in the region.”

“China’s trend toward reunification is irreversible. “The Chinese nation has a common belief that the territory cannot be divided,” the Foreign Minister asserted, adding that the aim of unification is “unanimous among all Chinese people”.

Earlier, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, Wang WenbinHe emphasized in the press conference “Taiwan independence is leading nowhere.”

“No matter what banner or pretext the separatists use: Taiwan independence Failed“, added.

For his part, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Chinese State Council, Chen BinhuaIn a statement, the Democratic Progressive Party asserted that the actions “contrary to the dominant public opinion on the island” and would damage both peace and stability in the region.

“Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. The One-China Policy is the basic norm of international relations and the general consensus of the international community. Most of the world respects it,” he concluded.

William Loy (EFE/Ritchie B. Tongo)

Chen described the current situation in the Formosa Strait “complicated” and “intense” Lain’s Democratic Progressive Party (PDP) “stubborn insistence” due to its “separatist views”.

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“However, public opinion prefers peace instead of war, development instead of recession, exchanges instead of division, and cooperation instead of conflict. “Leaders in the Taiwan region are going against the grain by sending dangerous signals that undermine peace and stability,” Chen added.

It comes after Taiwan’s president-elect. William Loy, It was officially sworn in on Monday and urged China to “cooperate” with the Taiwanese administration to protect the island’s status as an entity completely independent from China.

I hope China will face the reality of the existence of the Republic of China and cooperate in good faith with the legitimate government elected by the Taiwanese people,” he said during his speech, the Focus Taiwan portal reported.

Lai, who succeeded Tsai Ing-wen from the PDP this Monday (2016-2024), pledged in her speech that “peace has no price, war has no victors” and made clear her intention to maintain the status quo. quo in the Straits and Taiwan did not declare independence.

Beijing has considered Taiwan a rebel province since the Kuomintang nationalists retreated there in 1949 after losing a war against the Communist army.

(with information from EP and EFE)