June 25, 2024

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Iran begins funerals for Ibrahim Raisi and other members of the regime who died in a helicopter crash.

Iran begins funerals for Ibrahim Raisi and other members of the regime who died in a helicopter crash.
Iran launches uprising by Ibrahim Raisi (REUTERS)

Iran began funeral rites on Tuesday State President Ibrahim Raisi And Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian Seven people died on Sunday in a helicopter crash that will continue for several days.

Events began in TabrizThe capital of East Azerbaijan’s northwestern province and the largest city near the site of the accident in the Varsekhan mountain region, police said. Iranian Televisions.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Tabriz A truck carrying the coffins of eight of the nine people killed in the crash was seen leaving Shohada (Martyrs) Square in a procession to the Great Mosala Mosque.

The streets of Tabriz were a wave of turbansA dress worn by the clergy Islamic Republicand photographs Raisi Worn by those attending events.

The helicopter in which Raisi and his companions were traveling disappeared on Sunday while returning from Tabriz (REUTERS)

Shops, schools and government offices were closed in the city.An unprecedented thing across the country was ordered by the supreme leader in the second mourning in five days Iran, Ali Khamenei.

After actions TabrizThe coffins will be taken to the holy city on Tuesday afternoon GomIt will reach one of the main centers of the country’s majority Shiite Islam, on Wednesday Tehran.

In the Iranian capital, foreign officials are expected to participate in a nationwide day off.

After the capital, an event will be held on Thursday in the city of BirjandWhere Raisi He was a representative in the Assembly of Experts, the body responsible for electing the Supreme Leader in a vacancy, and finally on the same day the deceased would be buried in the Holy City. Mashhad (Northwest).

Thousands of people took to the streets of Tabriz to watch a truck carrying coffins pass by (EFE/ Abedin Taherkenareh).

The helicopter in which they traveled Raisi When he returned on Sunday, his accomplices were missing Tabriz Along with the other two devices – which reached their destination without any problems – what an official company IRNA It was described as a “technical failure”.

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The device – an American ‘Bell 212’ obtained in the 1970s – was found a day later along with the lifeless bodies of its occupants.

Governor East Azerbaijan, Malik RahmatiLeader of Friday prayers in the city Tabriz, Muhammad-Ali al-HashemApart from the two pilots of the plane, there is a flight attendant, the head of presidential security and a guard.

Khamenei gave the nod this Monday that the First Vice President, Mohammad Mojfarshould be appointed as the Interim President of the country.

Iran’s presidential election will be held on June 28.

(with information from EFE)