May 21, 2024

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NFL Quarters Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers defeat Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in an exhibition golf game

NFL Quarters Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers defeat Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in an exhibition golf game

Tom Brady And the Aaron Rodgers Now you have bragging rights on the golf course Patrick Mahomes And the Josh Allen After winning the Capital One game on Wednesday.

The four NFL quarterbacks played a 12-hole show at Wynn Las Vegas, where Rodgers drained a hole on the last hole to give his side a 1-up win.

While it was fun to watch the quarterbacks compete on the course, it was also for a good cause, as it raised enough money to donate 1,0258,000 meals to Feeding America.

Competitors took the event seriously but also started talking about trash early on. Allen said he would play the round with a golf ball that had a picture of Brady shirtless taken at the 2000 NFL Boy Scouts.

Allen took some shots himself. When Brady took a short shot, he said he hit it Chunky and “Josh Allen.”

There were quite a few misses in the match, with at least one spectator getting hit by a ball from Allen.

Allen told commenters that he gave the unlucky fan a glove as a keepsake.

Brady and Rodgers came out of the gates swinging, making a birdie on the first two holes to climb 2 early in the round. Mahomes and Allen eventually return, spurred by some blows from Mahomes.

Mahomes had a two-stroke jumper on the No. 5 to bring up the match box and made another shot late in the round to give his team the lead.

The trash talk subsided as the match got tighter and closer to the last hole. The only chirping late in the action came from game commentator Charles Barkley, who hit all the quarterbacks, fellow commentator Trevor Immelman and even Basketball Hall of Fame Shaquille O’Neal.

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Mahomes hit a 3-foot-7 shot, about 6 inches off the hole, and match commentator Ernie Johnson said Mahomes hit it about as long as O’Neill. Barkley took the opportunity to make a remark about his NBA broadcast partner.

“It’s the only good thing about golfing, man, I don’t have to be around that idiot,” Barkley said. “It’s better when Shaq isn’t here. My life is better when he’s not around.”

Barkley helped keep things light as the quarterbacks were talking less and less as they got closer to the final hole. The whole match was square at level 3 when Rodgers hit his shot at the green netting and volleyed his shot to take the win. This was the first win for Brady, who went into Wednesday 0-2 in these exhibition matches.