June 19, 2024

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Nintendo Hacker Gary Bowser has been released from prison

Nintendo Hacker Gary Bowser has been released from prison
Photo: Nintendo Live

Remember Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser? In the previous update, it was revealed that he had been jailed for more than three years and fined close to $15 million for his involvement in Team Xecutor – an act that allowed Switch owners to hack into their systems and play pirated games.

In an update, the Canadian citizen — who was 51 at the time of sentencing — was released early from federal prison in America, in part on a good behavior bond, and will return to Canada.

Bowser will still be required to pay Nintendo $10 million in damages, with the video game giant able to take “25 to 30 percent” of his gross monthly income, if he can find a steady source of income in his home country. So far only paid $175.

While this isn’t likely to be paid in full, Nintendo’s lawyer previously explained how the company wanted to “send a message” to other Switch hackers:

“This is a very important moment for us. It’s buying video games that support Nintendo and the Nintendo ecosystem, and it’s games that make people smile. That’s why we do everything we can to prevent games on Nintendo systems from being stolen.”