May 23, 2024

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Nintendo Switch Online Surprise gives subscribers additional benefits

Nintendo Switch Online Surprise gives subscribers additional benefits

Nintendo Switch users who have already subscribed to Nintendo’s first-tier version of its online service, the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Option, have more perks on the way soon. Announced by Nintendo this week, these limited-time offers are surprising additions to benefits already included in the service and will start starting November 1. It includes twice the gold points spent on eligible games and downloadable content as well as some Nintendo 64 era tokens.

As with some of these announcements, players first discovered these additional perks through some posts on the Nintendo Japan website, but the benefits were later confirmed for other regions as well. The Nintendo of America Twitter account, for example, tweeted about it this weekend to confirm the franchises and when they will start. This tweet also provided a preview of the Nintendo 64 icons coming in November that include things like the console and console itself, Mario Kart, Star Fox, Kirby, and other memorable characters and games.

Nintendo hasn’t specified what “eligible digital games or downloadable content” will look like, so we don’t yet know what this deal applies to and what it doesn’t. However, Nintendo has a number of notable releases coming, so there’s a good chance that subscribers can get twice the gold points from purchases on things like Bayonetta 3, Pokemon Sword, And the Pokemon Shield.

This feature is available in the UK as well This promotion Users said they’ll get twice the gold points on all Nintendo eShop purchases instead of just some. But again, if there’s something new that you’re considering buying from the online store, you probably don’t have to worry about it in terms of eligibility.

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Although these perks are marketed as limited-time perks, they have been going on for a long time. These won’t expire until January 31st, and hopefully, they’ll be replaced with something after they expire to give Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers additional benefits.