December 7, 2023

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Switch 2 hype reaches its peak with the reveal of the original Nintendo Nukes on YouTube

Switch 2 hype reaches its peak with the reveal of the original Nintendo Nukes on YouTube

The Nintendo Switch was first revealed via a three-minute trailer posted to YouTube on October 20, 2016. Seven years later, Nintendo pushed the video privately, reigniting fans’ enthusiasm for the long-awaited announcement of the Nintendo Switch. Switch 2as well as destroying an important part of history in the process.

And it was disappearing First noticed on the ResetEra gaming forum, with users joking about what this might mean, including whether a Switch 2 reveal might now be imminent. This, unfortunately, seems very unlikely, considering Nintendo Repeated insistence It won’t have any new hardware to discuss until the start of its next fiscal year in April 2024. The company also has two big games left to sell this year: Super Mario Bros Wonder And Super Mario RPG Remake. Nintendo doesn’t usually like to steal the spotlight from one product by suddenly announcing another.

The original Switch unveiled for 2016 It was notable for a host of reasons. Unlike the Wii U, which had a full red carpet rollout at E3 2011, Nintendo relied on a single YouTube trailer to get everyone excited for its successor. Instead of executives describing all the functions of the new handheld hybrid console in detail, fans were able to watch a video of the device in action, showing both characters playing alone in their living rooms, sitting around picnic tables at night next to the basketball court.

The video highlighted the Switch as a machine for portability and sociability, exemplified by the now-infamous spectacle of hipsters playing… Super Mario Odyssey At a rooftop party in the city. It eventually received over 50 million views. And here A Re-download it by GameSpot:


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So why did Nintendo suddenly remove it? Is the company trying to get legacy marketing out of the way so that the similarly named Switch 2 doesn’t have to compete with it in the algorithmic SEO abyss of the modern internet? Or did they simply refuse to renew the licensing rights to White denim song Used in the trailer? This is usually the reason why video game marketing materials are deleted from YouTube, although it’s not entirely clear why Nintendo would ditch the most popular commercial for a console that still sells millions of units annually, especially with the 2023 holiday season around the corner.

Nintendo did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Switch has been an unexpected boon for Nintendo, knocking them out of the game Talk about a desperate merger with other tech companies After the failure of the Wii U, it is back in contention to be the premier console manufacturer in terms of first-party exclusives, convenience, affordability, and simple fun. Many see the Switch reveal as not just a flashy announcement, but an important part of the company’s heritage and gaming history in general.

“Nintendo must take the necessary steps to ensure the Switch reveal video remains on its channels forever.” chirp Former head of social content for Nintendo of America, Kit Ellis. “They may disagree, but it’s an important part of video game history. It’s time to change the mindset about things like this now that their official museum is on the way.”

As for what this means about the imminent announcement of the Switch 2, or whatever Nintendo will call the next console, it seems somehow clear that the company is finally gearing up for the next reveal. Multiple reports Switch 2 developer panels at Gamescom proved that Nintendo’s next hardware is already on display behind closed doors to development partners. Even if an official announcement is still several months away, more leaks seem inevitable at this point. Hopefully, whatever the Switch 2 is capable of, whether it’s 4K resolution or backward compatibility, we can still celebrate it on the surface.

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Correction 10/18/2023 at 11:12 AM ET: The song used in the original Switch reveal trailer was not produced by Imagine Dragons.