April 22, 2024

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Nintendo's next-gen Switch console may not arrive until March 2025

Nintendo's next-gen Switch console may not arrive until March 2025

If you were hoping to get your hands on Nintendo's highly anticipated Switch 2 console this year, prepare to be disappointed by another rumor pointing to a 2025 release date. According to a new report from NikkiNintendo is expected to launch its successor to the Nintendo Switch console “as early as March,” in line with the rumored Q1 2025 release date reported by both… VGC And Eurogamer Advance this month.

Previous reports have put an expected release date for Nintendo's next-gen console in 2024, with the aim of creating enough stock to avoid the shortages seen by the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X at launch. But it appears that the same inventory concerns as well as giving developers enough time to create new game titles are beyond the final release window of 2025. NikkiReport in Japanese He says Nintendo “prioritized securing initial stock of subsequent hardware and popular software suites at the time of release.”

The company is also working on “measures to prevent resale”, to try to prevent brokers from causing more misery. Other than that, there aren't many details available about the Switch successor itself, which is expected to have a portable mode similar to the original Switch console, albeit with a larger screen.

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