April 22, 2024

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Stardew Valley's massive update 1.6 is finally getting a release date

Stardew Valley's massive update 1.6 is finally getting a release date

A Stardew Valley farmer stands in front of a small brick house, holding a bone above his head.

picture: Eric “Concerned” Barron

Lowland farming simulator Stardew Valley He's getting some new stuff in a couple of weeks. Developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Baron Announced on X/Twitter On February 26, the PC version of Chill will receive update 1.6 on March 19, with the patch arriving on consoles and mobile “as soon as possible.”

in Follow-up postsConcernedApe celebrated the game selling over 30 million copies and thanked everyone for their support. He also said that there's a world concert tour and official cookbook in the works, which sounds great, but the meat and potatoes here are the 1.6 patch, and Stardew Valley Fans will eat really well.

What's wrong? Stardew ValleyUpdate 1.6?

We don't know exactly what the patch will include. However, ConcernedApe teased various details about what to expect when the update releases on March 19 April 2023He said that version 1.6 will mostly benefit modders and also includes new game content. Three months later, in July, he expanded on the “new game content” a bit, tweeting that version 1.6 would contain a new festival, dialogue, items, and “Secrets“-Whatever it means. Although all of this is unspecific, it sounds attractive.

But wait, there's more (but not much). In response to a Twitter user on February 23, he said The mobile version of the game is buggy (Night doesn't transition into day, for example), ConcernedApe said It will address these issues on mobile As part of update 1.6. a Similar problem It affected some Stardew Valley PC players are back in 2019, but regular updates seem to have fixed the issue. Hopefully the PC and console ports of version 1.6 will iron out any remaining hiccups.

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