June 18, 2024

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Noticing something important, they returned the stolen car and left a note for him to chronicle

Noticing something important, they returned the stolen car and left a note for him to chronicle

A certain event happened in the last few hours. A woman was robbed on her way home and her car was taken, but hours later, it was returned to her when they noticed a wheelchair inside.. The culprits apologized in a note left in the car.

The protagonist of this event Rosanite Almeida. This housewife lives in the municipality Cariasica, in Espirito Santo, Brazil. She was returning home last Sunday and was about to enter her car in the garage when two criminals approached her. The woman was with her 4- and 9-year-old children and was only concerned about keeping the children safe at the time.

“I was going into the garage, stopped the car and opened the door. When I left the car and came back, the thief asked me to leave because he wanted the car. I told her the kids were inside so I opened the door and got them both out. I was in despair” said the woman.

After the robbery, the mother became very depressed Your child’s matching chairIt is essential day by day Cauã CordeiroA four year old boy There are motor problems due to encephalitis. The chair was donated to the family They could not afford the $3,500 it currently costs.

“At the time I was frustrated with that man because we hear so much about theft, crime, all the bad things that thieves do. You don’t think that one day you will go through this”, said Rosainite, who after the robbery launched a campaign on social networks to find the vehicle and restore his son’s special seat.

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However, a few hours later, something unexpected happened. The thieves returned the carChair included. “A friend called me saying a friend of his had found the car. It was really there. Then the police came and checked for anything illegal, and there it was They found a clue. The note was an apology“The child’s mother revealed.

Police searched the vehicle and found nothing out of the ordinary, except for a note left by one of the thieves apologizing to the lady of the house. “Crime begs forgiveness. I could not see the child’s problem in the tense moment. The car is returned. FULL TANK!!!”O Globo said in a note left by the thieves.

The woman was grateful for the gesture by her attackers, but pointed out that they had lied about the full tank. “When they took him, he had a room with a tub. We found it in existence. They didn’t give it away, rather, they spent it.The children’s mother noted.

For its part, the family received several donations to help Ka. Including a device that guarantees additional security. “A person proposed to donate an established monitoring service. I am very grateful to my city. They made me feel so welcome, they were willing to do a raffle to buy another chair, and people were sending me positive vibes that I had hope and that we would figure it out.Sentenced.

Finally, in a statement, the Civil Police indicated that the case is still being investigated by the Special Police Station for Robbery and Vehicle Theft (DFRV). Similarly, no suspects have been arrested so far.

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