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NXT Summary and Feedback (October 25, 2022): Coming of age

NXT Summary and Feedback (October 25, 2022): Coming of age

Diana Ross

During his week, we got a party for Malik Blade and Idris Inufi. Wrestling Pretty Deadly for the NXT tag titles is the biggest moment of their careers and they responded to the call with the speed of a 911 factor. I rate it highly because it was a great match that everyone reading this should see, but I also feel my words won’t do it justice. The simple summary is that they put the champions on the ropes and the match destroyed expectations in several moments where heels usually thrive. While they finally did, it took Much to get out of it.

There’s never any shame in losing to the Champions and I think this show did them a lot more than it did in Pretty Deadly. And that doesn’t take anything away from the brand’s champions either. They made Malik and Idris look really good, especially as a team that took their opponents way too lightly. And their priceless facial expressions in several moments said it all. To borrow a phrase from my favorite soccer coach, Malik and Idris took the heroes to the deep end and almost drowned them.

Rarely do we see wrestlers take the next step right before our very eyes. Take this opportunity to do just that.


loud music

Ava Rain is the newest member of The Schism! She’s the mysterious person! A true “sacred” moment if any. The cleavage became more interesting. And by that, I mean they got fun.


Ilja Dragunov did everything he could. But with broken ribs and battle scars from Halloween ruin, he never stood a chance against JD McDonagh. The match started perfectly with the Kaiser chasing after JD as the latter entered. In the end, the fight affected Elga’s body and the medical team almost stopped the match. I initially thought this was a bad move, especially when I was so early in the game, but it worked. Once the match went on, things moved to another level. JD dominated but Ilja showed off the flames he’s known for, even while selling his injury psyche and JD constantly stalking him.

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In the end, Ilja succumbed to the pain. Not voluntarily, mind you. His body came out during the presentation and the referee called the match. Too much punishment from JD and too much stress made this academic. Ilja’s bloody face and his exit from the ring on a stretcher was a nice touch as well, selling off the brutality of the match and alienating these guys from each other.

A great main event even if it didn’t have the best flow due to the early stop.

Still heroes. Still a real team

I applauded when the match ended. One because I like Katana Chance and Kayden Carter. Second, because it was a really good match with an unexpected ending. Nikita Lyons and Zoe Stark approached. They really came close. In fact, they actually won for a moment. But the match was resumed when the presiding judge informed the other referee that the opportunity was not legal when Stark pinned her shoulders to the carpet. I always find it weird when WWE uses this device. It’s like you can do it once, so why not always do it? But, unfortunately, here we are.

Once the match resumed, all hell broke out. Chance & Carter played a small game of divide and conquer, where they exercised their experience as a team over the inexperience of their opponents. Despite the fact that Stark & ​​Lyons wear similar outfits, which was a very nice touch, they weren’t quite as prepared as they thought.


The Schutzhi Lash Legend took over this week since Mrs. Legend Schutzi did not respect V Halloween ruin. The melee was the highlight of the match, with Legend still lagging moving from one move to the next. But she is getting better and Schutzi is a good dance partner. Another reason the quarrel worked out so well is that it seemed like a legitimate aversion between the two. Some feuds are just a better fight than a wrestling match. This might be one of them if he continues after Schotze wins.

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Curious and curious…

I agree with Ivy Nile here…why. Sanga & Veer attacked Bros Creed after Julius & Brutus celebrated Halloween ruin He won and told Damon Kemp to come get him some. Sangha hesitated for a minute while Veer urged him, which also hints at some bigger issues between the two. Ivy wants to know why, yes, I agree with you.

Back as I never left

Electra Lopez is back! After getting quickly slandered by Zelina Vega, she’s back in NXT, defeating Andy Hartwell and Sol Roca.


R Truth killed her this week. Dressed as the Joker, she interrupted the truth Wes Lee and Grayson Waller to host Halloween ruin. Of course it was just a few days ago, so the truth is, as usual, she was late to the party. The truth is vs Grayson next week and I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.

We often talk about these shows in the Cageside office in real time. And we all think NXT is in that weird place where a show like this week puts on at least two great matches, but then the show in general does quite a lot. We’ve got at least two obscure angles, the toxic attraction part turned on at this point (we get it, it’s cool), and a bunch of incompatible things. I know NXT is evolutionary but the show itself needs to feel as cohesive as any TV show. NXT is like throwing a bunch of jelly against a wall and watching it slide very slowly. Sometimes something sticks because many wrestlers are good at what they are doing, but the presentation and the vision is lacking.

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