June 22, 2024

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Ryan Reynolds’ movie IF is blowing up at the box office, and critics are hating it too

Ryan Reynolds’ movie IF is blowing up at the box office, and critics are hating it too

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Ryan Reynolds

‘IF’ struggles in opening weekend…

Imaginary friends don’t bring real dollars

Ryan ReynoldsThe new movie “IF” must have a lot of imaginary friends in the audience… because it’s a box office hit despite its star-studded cast.

Delivery time Reports indicate that the film grossed just $10.3 million on Friday — including previews — and is headed toward an opening of just $30 million… below initial projected estimates.

Plus, there’s another negative for the new creative pic… critics seem to want it to disappear like a kids’ IF movie when they grow up – it currently has a shockingly low rating of 49%. Rotten tomatoes Despite the all-star cast.

To be fair, audiences love the movie…it has an 84% viewership rating on RT — so fans are happy with the final product to say the least.

BTW… Deadline tells movie industry execs not to panic — because Paramount got a shot at the movie. They say PG-rated live-action movies usually aren’t huge hits, and aren’t generally liked by critics, but they fill a specific niche that usually leads to long-term success.

“IF” follows Cal (Reynolds), a man who helps forgotten imaginary friends reconnect with the children they created after they grow up. movie stars John Krasinski -And who also brought it out? Steve Carell, Emily Blunt, Aquafina, Blake Lively, Vince Vaughn, Matt Damon And much more.

Obviously, with a stellar cast, the film will have to pull a boatload to recoup its budget, which Deadline says is around $110 million.

But maybe the producers just need to stay positive and keep believing in “IF.”

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