July 21, 2024

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OAS Legislature: Representatives of European countries reject Nicaragua’s election mockery

OAS Legislature: Representatives of European countries reject Nicaragua’s election mockery

The Organization of American States (OAS) kicked off its 51st General Assembly on Wednesday with Guatemala as the host country The situation in which questionable elections dominate in Nicaragua, In which Daniel Ortega signed for his fifth time.

In his inaugural address, the Secretary-General of the OAS, Louis Almagro, I promise “Renewed America is a challenge. Our countries are affected by poverty, migration and climate change, ”he stressed.

Regarding the COVID-19 infection, he mentioned.An international vaccination program is an absolute priority“When revealing that there are immunization rates in many countries in the region, especially in Central America.”20% of the population”.

He then summed up the situation in Venezuela: “We are facing a major migration crisis. It is an effort to get thousands of Venezuelans to each country. Displacements need to be handled urgentlyHe said.

Finally, he thanked COP26 for its efforts: “We need to find a solution to tackle climate change. It requires more strong effort”.

Louis Almagro at the beginning of the OAS General Assembly

The election in Nicaragua was rejected by permanent observers

After the opening, it was the turn of OAS permanent visitors. The Spanish representative spoke first and reiterated that his country did not recognize the election results in Nicaragua.. We demand that Daniel Ortega release all political prisoners and put an end to the persecution, He said.

For its part, The Italian representative also rejected the election mockery And demanded the release of all political prisoners. “It is impossible not to express Italy’s concern about the elections in Nicaragua. We demand a peaceful solution to the crisis, ”he said.

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I add: “We demand the release of all political prisoners and the resumption of negotiations. The role of the international community and the OAS in easing tensions in Nicaragua will be crucial”.

When, The French delegation agreed with his European counterparts But without explicitly mentioning the Nicaraguan case. He limited himself to expressing: “It is essential for any democracy to hold free, open and fair elections”, He highlighted.

The Netherlands also spoke about the situation in Central America. “We are concerned about the situation in Nicaragua. We condemn the pressures on civil society and the media and the repression of the enemy”, Said his representative.

Then he qualified. “Undemocratic“Last Sunday marked the election and a venue Venezuela. “We are concerned about the crisis in Venezuela and the displacement of 5 million Venezuelans”, He concluded.

Then came the times Switzerland, The country that questioned the success of Daniel Ortega. “We demand the release of political prisoners”, Said his representative; When his pair Germany He said elections were taking place in Nicaragua.Does not meet the minimum conditions for fairness and democracy”.

After the speeches of the European delegates, The ambassador of the Ortega regime landed on the field, He limited himself to insisting that his country voted. “Free and clean form”. He denounced the word of his colleagues and denounced them for “certain vaccines” which, according to him, were distributed to small countries “like his own.”

Representatives from 34 countries that make up the main forum of the American continent Meet for almost a second consecutive The meeting, which began this Wednesday under the slogan, will run until FridayTo the renewed United States”.

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What happened in Nicaragua this year is at the center of the debate, Chairman of Sandinista after last Sunday Daniel Ortega was re-elected unopposed and branded a “parody” By the majority of the international community.

Ortega, 76, who has been in power since 2007, received 74.99% of the vote on Sunday, a day marked by the absence of seven opposition opposition candidates. They were arrested in the months leading up to the election.

OAS opens its 51st General Assembly in Nicaragua with a focus on controversial elections (REUTERS / Stringer)
OAS opens its 51st General Assembly in Nicaragua with a focus on controversial elections (REUTERS / Stringer)

Almagro asked in reply

In the previous one, OAS Secretary-General Nicaraguan made the issue a priority for the General Assembly, By rejecting elections in that country as “illegal”.

Almacro urges OAS countries on Tuesday “Respond to this clear violation of the Constitution of Democracy“During the conference, which runs until Friday.

The official was joined by statements of protest issued by various countries in the regionAs for the support expressed by Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela, the response is not uniform across the continent.

View of the full session of the OAS Permanent Council in Washington (EFE / Lenin Nolly / Archivo)
View of the full session of the OAS Permanent Council in Washington (EFE / Lenin Nolly / Archivo)

A test for the region

He said Nicaragua’s situation after the election was a “test” for the international community. Efe Michael Shifter, President of the Washington-based Inter-American Dialogue Study Center.

According to the expert, this is a “fundamental issue” for the agenda of the OAS General Assembly, which he described as the “mirror of strong polarization” experienced by the region.

And even The sentencing resolution is expected to be reached after a three-day session Ortega regime admits Atlantic Council expert Domingo Sadurní faces OAS Own limitations A multilateral body “with the votes of its member states.”

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He therefore pointed to the need for the United States to take a “lead” in coordinating operations on Managua with the European Union (EU) and its allies, in order to avoid the example of Ortega and his wife and partner. The President, Rosario Murillo, should be followed by other countries in the region.

Beyond the Nicaraguan debate, this conference will also cover topics such asQuestion of the Falkland Islands”, Which causes Argentina to clash against the United Kingdom; Promoting and protecting human rights, And Democracy.

Govit-19, its evolution and impact on the hemisphere are also on the agenda, as well as the commitment to sustainable development of the post-epidemic region.

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