September 26, 2023

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OAS legislature: Argentina will not condemn Nicaraguan election mockery of dictator Ortega

Alberto Fernandez and Santiago Cafero (COP26) during the Climate Change Summit in Glasgow

The General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) begins today in Washington, DC The dictator Daniel Ortega will deal with the electoral ridicule mounted in Nicaragua to keep him in power. Non-voting in the election was more than 80 percent of the voter list, and Ortega guaranteed the votes needed to reach his fifth presidency.

The OAS General Assembly has no number to decide on the suspension of Nicaragua, as established in the U.S. Democratic Charter. But he is likely to approve a draft declaration calling into question the transparency of elections organized by the Sandinista regime and demanding the immediate release of all anti-dictatorial candidates.

Alberto Fernandez will not approve the OAS ‘possible draft announcement questioning the electoral malpractices committed by Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo. Re-elected Vice President of Nicaragua and renowned for his dictatorial personality. Murillo is to the left of Ortega and his political perspective transcends the boundaries of ideological hysteria.

The president will appeal to the policy of not interfering in the internal affairs of countries To avoid directly questioning the elections organized by the Sandinista regime. This is an important principle in international law, It is weak and quick in the face of some of the political positions generally accepted by Alberto Fernandez.

Joseph Biden defeated Donald Trump in the election. However, the Republican nominee claimed that the Democratic leader had committed fraud. Alberto Fernandez ignored his own application of the non-interventionist policy and congratulated Biden on his presidency before official recognition by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Alberto Fernandez's tweet congratulating Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris on their election victory Weeks before the States Supreme Court decision recognizing their victory against Donald Trump
Alberto Fernandez’s tweet congratulating Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris on their election victory Weeks before the States Supreme Court decision recognizing their victory against Donald Trump

Several months later, without confirmation from the Peruvian courts, Alberto Fernandez congratulates Pedro Castillo on winning Keiko Fujimori. “I have expressed my desire to join the forces in support of Latin America. We are deeply twin nations.” The president commented after concluding his call for Lima. He concluded: “Dear Peruvian people, I celebrate facing the future with democracy and institutional determination.”

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The president is appealing for a policy of non-interference in internal affairs to justify his position in the face of the dictatorship led by Ortega and Murillo.. However, Alberto Fernandez, who was crowned to a paradoxical position, greeted Biden and Castillo in advance.

Ordinary sessions of the General Assembly begin today And accredited ambassadors to the OAS agree Chance of passing this Friday Resolution rejecting the Santinista regime. The resolution calls into question the electoral process and calls for the release of political prisoners imprisoned by the Ordega-Murillo marriage.

The organization of American states has 35 members, but Cuba should be excluded because it lost its members just months after the fall of Fulgencio Batista and the arrival of Fidel Castro in Havana. The United States, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay and some Caribbean countries will vote in the resolution against Nicaragua. This diplomatic move requires 18 votes, and it looks like the White House is already in power.

Alberto Fernandez would like to vote. In other words: Biden voting differently than Argentina, a diplomatic position far removed from Justin Trudeau and their three Mercosur allies. With that geopolitical decision that Santiago Cafiro will defend in the General Assembly tomorrow, The president will side with Bolivia, Mexico and San Vicente, a small Caribbean island ruled by a post-Stalinist leader.

Santinista dictators Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo during an official rally in Managua
Santinista dictators Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo during an official rally in Managua

OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro plans to use the General Assembly to address formal human rights violations in Nicaragua. Faced with the situation, Alberto Fernandez reiterated his concern over the “arrest of opposition leaders” and instructed his foreign minister, Kafiro, to reaffirm Argentina’s decision to “reconcile with the Nicaraguan people and restore democratic coexistence as soon as possible.” .

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The head of state issues a contradictory diplomatic message. Dictators Ortega and Murillo will succeed Another presidential term The fraudulent election results they received as a mockery last Sunday. Then, There is no point in Gaza Rosada worrying about democratic coexistence in Nicaragua. If he does not reject the fraudulent election the guarantee that the two dictatorial leaders will remain in power until the coffee rains on the field.

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