June 24, 2024

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Oklahoma points vs. Texas, takeaway: ‘Horns close sooner for worst OU loss in Red River showdown history’

Oklahoma points vs. Texas, takeaway: 'Horns close sooner for worst OU loss in Red River showdown history'

Texans handed Oklahoma their worst loss in Red River history with a decisive 49-0 close to the 14-time Big 12 champion. Not only was it the Longhorns’ biggest win of the series, it was their first win on both occasions since 2006 and the most dominant win by either side since 2003.

The Texas victory was a breakout moment for quarterback Quinn Ewers, who completed 21 of 31 passes for 289 yards and four total guts touchdowns from Oklahoma High School. Long horns running back Bijan Robinson’s 130-yard dash and two touchdowns added.

Sooners QB Davis Beville started for injured Dillon Gabriel, but things quickly fell apart. Bevel completed 6 of 12 passes for 38 yards and an interception in a miserable effort. The OU found some success using the Wildcat to generate an offensive yard with a narrow end Brayden Willis under the center; However, storming the end zone wasn’t enough.

Defensively, the Texans applied steady pressure and were credited with 10 tackles for a loss and three sacks. Two of the TFLs came from a major defensive tackle, Keondre Coburn. Conversely, Oklahoma failed to put any pressure on the Ewers with only 2 pressures from QB.

Texans had lost six of their previous seven encounters against Oklahoma, including five against Red River. This victory for Texas over Oklahoma was their biggest victory in rivalry history, overtaking a 45-12 win in 2005. What’s the difference? The Longhorns finished undefeated this season and won the National Championship. This year, the Horns have already had two losses, including a loss to Texas Tech just two games ago. As such, the 2022 Red River Showdown will live in disrepair.

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Ewers legit

The connected Texan star played well in his first quarter against #1 seed Alabama before suffering an injury, but the talent was crystal clear against Oklahoma. Ewers was without limits on Saturday, throwing passes into every corner of the field and dodging easily dashing passers-by. Wide receiver Xavier Worthy played a big role in the win, but Ewers used all of his weapons more effectively than Hudson’s spare card. Seven receivers had at least two passes with a tight finish from Ja’Tavion Sanders and WR Jordan Whittington each catching five balls. Playing Ewers lets Texas unlock her full book.

Rock bottom for Venables

The Sooners entered the Red River Showdown with two losses and were left closed for the first time since 1998 (Texas A&M). If the 1998 season keeps showing up as this year progresses, there is a reason. Since Bob Stops took charge of the program in 1999, Oklahoma has been a model for consistency. When the Lincoln Riley was upgraded internally in 2017, little changed.

However, Venables is Oklahoma’s first outfield employee since 1998, and so does the team’s performance. Soon they are 0-3 in team play under a new coach for the first time in the program’s history. As another way of comparison, OU has lost no more than two matches in any of them season Since 2014. Venables has been working to redefine the Oklahoma program.

The new Big 12 competitor

With the win, Texas moved to 4-2 with a 2-1 record in Big 12 play. The combined losses came at four points. Steve Sarkissian sold a reset when he raided the transfer market and brought the Ewers onto 40 acres. For the first time under Sark’s leadership, Team Longhorns achieved a true marketing victory for fans and recruits.

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No. 7 Oklahoma remains undefeated. 17 TCU is also after beating No. 19 KS in a competitive game. However, the Texans are in a great position to fight back in the Big 12 title conversation. There are still four ranked matches — and not even Baylor or Iowa State — but the horns are a different animal with the Ewers in the lineup.