June 4, 2023

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The Mets come against the Padres, forcing a 3 game as the Phillies sweep the Cardinals from the Wild Card Series

The Mets come against the Padres, forcing a 3 game as the Phillies sweep the Cardinals from the Wild Card Series

The 2022 MLB season advances into a brave new world, the 12-team post-season class that will determine a champion over the next month. The explosion of high stakes baseball pits eight teams against each other – Guardians-Rays, Cardinals-Phillies, Blue Jays-Mariners and Mets-Padres – for the right to advance. And it’s growing really fast. The The new Best of Three Wild Card series kicks off on Friday with the Padres humility Max Scherzer and the Phyllis Turn the tables on St. Louis.

The top seeds they will encounter in the next round are familiar – Los Angeles DodgersAnd the Houston AstrosAnd the Atlanta Braves And the New York Yankees. But sure enough, some of these competitors have plans to bring down the current global baseball system.

[Here’s the full TV schedule for the MLB postseason]

Phyllis Aaron Nola Close the Cardinals offense, advance to the NLDS

Long, St. Louis. A day after the ninth meltdown, the Cardinals saw their season – along with Jobs Albert Pujols And the Molina runs – Ends with the hands of Velez and Ice Aaron Nola. A mainstay for the 29-year-old Philadelphia was brilliant on his first playoff appearance, going 6 rounds 2/3 goalless as Philadelphia eliminated the Cardinals with a 2-0 win.

Loss also ends Cardinal campaigns at MVP level Nolan Arenado And the Paul Goldschmidt. The duo went 1 against 15 in a two-game series and 0 against 8 in game 2. For his part, Pujols put one on what proved to be his last bat, and it was replaced by a runner’s pinch.

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It’s up-and-down for Phils, who got his home from Bryce Harper – Extra fan given the power outage since returning from injury – and a sacrifice from Kyle Schwarber To support NOLA and its partners.

metsThe bat wakes up, Bash Padres forces the game 3

Francisco Lindor Pete Alonso and the batting champion Jeff McNeill Laying down one major two-stroke song as the Mets took over Game 2 from the Padres, 7-2. Having forced the 101-win Mets into the elimination game, he bent down to force a win in Game Three on Sunday in New York.

Jacob Degrom He started for the Mets, firing six runs and allowing two runs with eight strokes. Badris is a writer Blake Snell It didn’t pay well – walking six strokes and always only 3 1/3 runs. But for all the struggles, Snell also only allowed two rounds to go. It took the Mets until the seventh inning to break up. In a long run against curtailed Adrian Morejon—punched with PitchCom troubles—the Mets hit four runs, starting with McNeil’s big success.

Manager Buck Showalter rounded out Edwin Diaz from around the world to hit the seventh game and grab five points from it before turning to Adam Ottavino In the end Seth Logo.

The Mets’ win sets Sunday’s showdown for the right to take on the Dodgers in the NLDS. Expected to send the Mets Chris Bassett To the pile to face Padres Joe Musgrove.

sailors The roar of return from 7 games, inability to eliminate blue jays

In its first season since 2001, the sailors advance to ALDS in dramatic fashion. After winning Game One on Friday, Seattle fell 8-1 in the fifth to the Blue Jays in Game Two on Saturday. And then… Fans at a viewing party in Seattle invented the “pool shoe,” The sailors began to gather.

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They reduced the difference to three on the field and Carlos Santana Homer in sixth. Then the Blue Jays raced to make it 9-5 heading into the eighth inning. Blue Jays Unloading Anthony Bass He started the inning, but gave up straight kicks without logging off. Toronto closer Jordan Romano Went in and got two shorts before Mariners shortstop GB Crawford Hit the blob in the center of the field with loading bases.

Chase, Blue Jays quarterback George Springer and short Bo Pechet They came together in a frightening collision that left Springer injured on the grass. All three contestants scored to tie the match. In the ninth inning, Adam Frazier and Seattle recurring champion Cal Raleigh put the doubles together to put the Mariners ahead.

Using a wealth of their game, the Mariners turned to rising star George Kirby to seal the 10-9 win and snatch the franchise’s first post-season series victory since 2001 ALDS. They advance to take on the Astros, their AL West rivals and tormentors.

The Guardians eliminate Rays with Homer to break a point-free tie in 15th place

It took 15 rounds for anyone to score, but Cleveland Guardians rookie Oscar Gonzalez scored in a big way. Homer’s loud exit at the bottom of Season 15 led the Guardians to a 1-0 victory as they advanced to the ALDS against the New York Yankees, and the Tampa Bay Rays were sent home on Saturday.

Gonzalez, the 24-year-old defensive player who uses the theme song from “SpongeBob Squarepants” as the music, was the only player in the game to have more than one hit. The Pitchers have dominated Game 2, starting with The Guardians ‘Triston McKenzie and Rays’ Tyler Glasnow. Loyal Sam Hentigs, Cleveland’s eighth bowler of the day, went three rounds and hit six to take the win.

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The Rays became the first team to be eliminated in the new Wild-Card series, scoring one run total in 24 rounds.

Need to catch up on the main events as the postseason season begins? I’ve got you covered.