May 19, 2024

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Olivia Munn hides 'battle wounds' from double mastectomy: 'It makes me a little sad'

Olivia Munn hides 'battle wounds' from double mastectomy: 'It makes me a little sad'

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Olivia Munn was diagnosed with breast cancer one year ago and underwent a double mastectomy.

After three surgeries and reconstruction, the 43-year-old actress said People magazine She learns to accept the “battle wounds” she sees every time she looks in the mirror.

When Munn hit the red carpet for Vanity Fair's Oscars party in March, she had yet to reveal her diagnosis or recovery process.

Olivia Munn shares the surprising tool that led to her breast cancer diagnosis despite having done 'all the tests'

Olivia Munn grew her hair long and used makeup techniques to hide scars from cancer surgery. (Getty Images)

“I have some holes and scratches on one side of my body near where my lymph nodes are, and they had to really dig them out,” Moon said. “And I was wearing some dresses on the red carpet which made me feel a little nervous sometimes.”

Munn admitted that her makeup artist, Diane Buzzetta, “learned how to do tattoo makeup” before the Oscars, which she attended with John Mulaney. The couple has a two-year-old son named Malcolm.

Another technique that helped Moon hide her scars? Her hair growth.

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Olivia Munn has been diagnosed with breast cancer

“Sometimes I look in the mirror and think: 'Oh, my hair is so long now, and it's because of this,'” she said. “And sometimes I feel a little sad because I still want to hide certain aspects. “But then I remind myself that these are battle wounds and I can show them what I want, and I can hide them when I want.”

John Mulaney and Olivia Munn on the Oscars red carpet

Olivia Munn kept her battle with breast cancer a secret from the public as she walked the red carpet for the Oscars in March with her partner John Mulaney. (Getty Images)

“I don't beat myself up for anything I feel on any given day, I just let myself feel it. There's a really nice peace that comes with that,” the “The Newsroom” star added.

Despite facing new challenges when it comes to embracing a changing body, she's still grateful that she “got a fighting chance” and is “really happy with how I look now.”

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“It's different once you get the reconstruction done, and it's much better, but it's not the same,” she said. “And it's a good thing because here I am, and I'm so happy that I had the option to have a double mastectomy.

“I'm so glad I had the opportunity to fight. I had that opportunity, and I know a lot of people in my situation don't have that opportunity and don't have that as an option.”

Olivia Munn walks the red carpet wearing a white dress with her partner John Mulaney.

She changed into a white strapless Fendi dress for the Vanity Fair Oscars party. (Getty Images)

She will soon begin filming the AppleTV+ show “Your Friends and Neighbors” with Jon Hamm, and said she will return to work as a “different version” of herself after her battle with cancer.

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“I'm more forgiving with myself,” she said. “And it's really fun to go back to work without any doubt in your head… When you're acting, you really have to be able to really be in the moment.”

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“I think I've always been able to do that, but it's been harder to do because you really have to tune out all the outside noise. But I'm kinder to myself, which means every day is a lot easier,” Moon added. To take over and manage it.”

Olivia Munn shares hospital photos

Olivia Munn revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer last month, which she had suffered from the previous year. (Instagram: Olivia Munn)

The “X-Men” actress revealed her diagnosis earlier this year, explaining in an Instagram post that she received an MRI after her doctor found her breast cancer risk assessment score to be 37%. An MRI found luminal B carcinoma, an “aggressive, fast-moving cancer” in both breasts.

“In February of 2023, in an effort to be proactive about my health, I took a genetic test that screens you for 90 different cancer genes,” Moon wrote. “I tested negative for everyone, including BRCA (the most well-known breast cancer gene). My sister Sarah also tested negative. We called each other and talked on the phone. That same winter I also had a normal mammogram.

“Two months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”