April 22, 2024

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One of those shot by a police officer at a game in Montevideo spoke: “I started yelling at them to stop”

One of those shot by a police officer at a game in Montevideo spoke: “I started yelling at them to stop”
Uruguay: Two injured after a police officer was sporting his service weapon and opened fire

(From Montevideo, Uruguay) The game of “Mambo” from Park Rodo in Montevideo A young woman was on top of this when she was halfway through her journey A bomb sound was heard.. An explosion of sorts hit her behind where she was sitting and she immediately began to smell gunfire. To his surprise, It was a shot of a cop who was on top of the game.

was An unusual and disturbing accident at the most popular amusement park in MontevideoLocated in a busy area Rhodo Park, which is located on the coastal rambla overlooking the Río de la Plata. “Mambo” is a game that is shaped like a plate and rotates on its axis at full speed while the participants sit side by side in a circle.

He Police fugitive firing injures two sisters22 and 13 years old who sat out that game.

“We sat and there was a girl next to us. I sat in the middle, she was on the right and my sister was on the left. The game started and at halftime there was an explosion, like they dropped a bomb or something on Mambo. He fell behind me, and I smelled gunfire, crackers.“, the injured young woman said. Underlined From Channel 10.

The woman felt a part of her body burning and touched herself with her hand. When he saw her, It was full of blood. “I started shouting please stop the game. The girl also started asking please. The music was so loud that it was hard to hear the orders.

This is the “mambo” of Parque Rodó, the mechanical sport where the accident happened (Instagram: Parque Rodó/@parquerodotuparque)

After 10 or 15 seconds, they stopped him and she told me she was a police officer. I didn't understand anything until they explained it to me. She was carrying a backpack and a gun was fired.. Being near a woman, It entered through my buttIt came out the other way and everything was disconnected,” he opined.

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After the shot left his body, he walked towards his sister. “A bullet lodged between his two buttocks.”, he promised.

Her story is similar to that given by the worker. A police official said the weapon went off when the game started, injuring two women nearby. He said he told them to stop the game and called other police officers. In addition, he requested a medical emergency for both. The elder girl was injured on the left buttock and the younger girl on the right. Both were hospitalized and are in critical condition.

The prosecutor's office will consult with the injured and coordinate with the medical examiner to see if they file criminal charges. Local media reported that if the projectile could be extracted, the scientific police would carry out tests on it. the observer.

Some of those present shared the video on social networks, and if an investigation is held, the prosecutor's office will also analyze footage from private cameras to clarify what happened.

In some of the videos uploaded on TikTok, you can see the chaos that the episode created when it was already late on Saturday night. One of the users recorded a mobile emergency and the arrival of a police patrol.

Another video from the same social network looks at the primary care given to injured women in “Mambo”.