December 2, 2023

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Chavista judge suspends “all effects” of primaries declaring María Corina Machado as presidential candidate.

Chavista judge suspends “all effects” of primaries declaring María Corina Machado as presidential candidate.
María Corina Machado emerged as the undisputed winner of primary elections in Venezuela (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez).

He Supreme Court (TSJ) Venezuela It ordered the suspension of “all the effects of the various stages of the electoral process conducted by the National Primary Commission (CNP)” last Sunday, after receiving an appeal filed by the opposition party. Jose Prito It sought a review of the “irregularities”.

According to the 122nd ruling of the Electoral Chamber of the TSJ published on the Supreme Court website, the Organization of Opposition Elections Commission must record the “administrative background of the twenty-five-step electoral process” of the primaries. commodity From invitation to event to inspection, completion and minutes of declaration.

Additionally, they have to submit to the Supreme Court Minutes accepting nominations of candidates disqualified by the Office of the Controller from holding elected officesAs a case of self-conqueror Maria Corina MachadoWho owns this executive action, which was imposed for a one-year period in 2015, but was recently extended to 2030?

Likewise, they must deliver Candidates Henrique Gabriels resigned And Freddy Superlano -who refused to participate a week or two before the election- was disqualified, as well as “any other citizen who decided to renounce their candidacy”.

Venezuela’s Supreme Court Ruling on Opposition Primary Elections

The TSJ gives the CNP three days to submit “a report”. “Mechanism used to secure election materials and space designated for this purpose.”

Finally, he ordered the Attorney General to be notified. Tarek William ChapAnd the other general powers of this punishment and the cases reported by Prieto – he assured – could be framed as “the alleged commission of election crimes and general crimes”, without specifying what kind of illegal acts were committed.

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María Corina Machado emerged as the undisputed winner in Venezuela’s primary election, received an impressive 92% of the vote. Last Thursday, he was announced as the opposition candidate for the 2024 presidential election, aiming to challenge Chavismo.

The Supreme Court decision confirms that Many have doubts about the next steps the leader should take To achieve the titanic feat of ending the Chavista dictatorship that has plunged the country into the worst crisis in its history.

In fact, the Opposition won Forced Chavismo Activating their harassment machinery to outlaw the decision. Tarek William Chap He did not hesitate to describe the process “Fraudulent“, despite the fact that it has participation Election Monitoring Network of Council of EducationA recognized independent monitoring body National Election Council (CNE) controlled by the dictatorship, it insisted that about 12% of the country’s voter list participated in the opposition primaries.

In some a strong demonstration of citizenship was given Self-administered elections Carried out against all odds, Chavismo has now begun to move its cards, fine-tuning the discourse as events unfold. A more glaring case is the desperate attempt by the regime’s representative at the negotiating tables with the opposition. Jorge RodriguezHumiliation of principals before the body of accredited diplomats in a Caribbean country.

The president of the Savista Parliament also asked.Size“and”parochialism” He urged the envoys “not to interfere in the internal affairs of the Republic of Venezuela of the Republic of Bolivaria” because, in his opinion, “the opposition used fraud to create tense situations”, thus ignoring the will of the demanding citizens. Change and suffer daily Decline of public servicesThe inflammationLoss of purchasing power, a Minimum salary Three dollars a month, in the midst of many problems.

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