March 25, 2023

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Out of Control – The New York Times

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Friday Puzzle – This is Claire Remkus’ seventh puzzle in The New York Times, her fifth Friday. I thought this puzzle was a really fun solution, with a lot of interesting fill in it. There are the small entries, such as the 21-, 23-, and 32-Across, as well as the 6-Down, and then there are the large entries (35-Across, in particular).

Everywhere you look in this grid, there is something exciting that you may not be used to seeing in crossword puzzles. I think this is really special, and it’s even more impressive when you consider how smoothly this puzzle was solved. I didn’t get stuck in any particular section, nor did I feel too hard on the 10-character stacks.

Overall, I was impressed with this one, and I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did.

18a. I tried to fit Wales or New Zealand here, but they have more sheep of people, not pigs. The correct answer is IOWA.

42a. There are no boats here, a schooner is a kind of rounded glass with a short stem, at least in the United States. From what I’ve read online, it has slightly different meanings in Britain, Canada and Australia. The answer here is ALE.

45 a. I’ve been playing a lot.”HadesRecently, a video game with a world based on Greek myth. Although the myth of Perseus and Medusa is not really mentioned in the story, the goddess ATHENA is.

56a. My college friends used to call me trivia partly because of my vague knowledge of soft drinks. I don’t expect you to think I was cool in any way because of this. The answer here is MELLO YELLO.

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60 a. The answer here is ONE D, as in One Dimension, not as the band One Direction.

11 d. The hive in this guide is a beehive, and the answer here is APIAN. I kept misreading it as pain and was so confused.

12 d. I got stuck thinking of porcupines or insects. The answer here is BOOK TITLES, as on the back of the book.

26 d. Maher! Normally with clues like this you think about how the two people are connected, but in this case, the answer is no relation.