February 22, 2024

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Overwatch 2 players are angry that Genji was finally healed with one help

Overwatch 2 players are angry that Genji was finally healed with one help
Carver Fisher

A clip from the final game of Genji being easily healed with a single assist has sparked widespread controversy in the Overwatch 2 community.

Balance in Overwatch 2 has been and always will be a hot topic among players. As different definitions come and go, there are bound to be certain protagonists or mechanics that dominate the definitions.

However, support has been such a powerful role for so long, that support players have had to defend themselves from accusations that their role is the best in the game.

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Support jumped from being one of the least popular roles to one of the most popular roles as players discovered the power of damage dealing And Healing at the same time, as people playing heroes like Baptiste, Zenyatta, and Illari often take more damage than DPS players. And that's to say nothing of the infamous DPS Moira or Kiriko who can shoot themselves in the head.

But this does not mean that the healing has become weaker either. A Genji player named Hiku was taunted by his teammates when he was unable to kill a single support with his ultimate, leading to a heated debate in the Overwatch 2 community.

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Overwatch 2 player Genji is a mess after being healed

Although Genji is considered fairly low-level in the hands of the average player, it can be incredibly powerful when piloted by someone who is an expert at getting the most out of its mechanics.

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Enter Hiko, the self-proclaimed leader of Genji, and went to dive Anna into the back line with his final blow. Considering that Genji is a ward, this is a pretty standard move for him. Taking out supports first is usually ideal, and a hero like Genji is at his best when he can dive into the backline and take them out.

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However, Anna managed to shake off her healing before she was stunned. This, along with Kiriko's final left button press Genji's final healing was done easily. He had no chance of eliminating Anna and wasted his ultimate strength.

Although Hiku and other Overwatch 2 players have been making jokes about support players jumping into the thread to argue that this is balanced, a few people have actually disagreed. It was mostly just people Empathize with the plight of one of Genji's people.

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All that said, it's hard to fool Genji's balance. The fact that kills reset his dash could make it possible that buffing him a bit would allow him to snowball through the entire enemy team easily while his kills reset.

However, this Genji trailer isn't the only one that features support for players recovering through massive amounts of damage.

Another clip from Gozo Anna's club is shown once again allowing the support to heal through a full well of ammo from the Ashe player on top of the burn and explosion from her own dynamite.

It remains to be seen whether clips like this prompt Overwatch 2's developers to nerf supports, or whether they're okay with having two supports capable of 2v1 in DPS. With how finely balanced the balance is in a game like Overwatch, supporting nerfs can create a whole host of new issues.