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Overwatch 2 Ranking Explained in the Level List and Best Heroes

Overwatch 2 Ranking Explained in the Level List and Best Heroes

Confused as to which hero is the best? our Overwatch 2 class list It can help you understand the sequel’s massive change in the game’s formula.

First, it has now been ported to the 5v5 format, with only one tank on the battlefield at any one time. Furthermore, three new heroes joined the game at launch – gameplay also shifted from crowd control and stuns to the act of killing players.

It’s a pretty massive overhaul of what went before, basically, so it’s understandable if you’re a little lost in what works well and what isn’t. Monitor 2 – Once you own Unlock all heroes First of course.

This is where we can help you Ranking of the best heroes in Overwatch 2 – Because we spent a lot of time figuring out who is currently ruling the battlefield.

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What’s going on with Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 Ranking Level List

We’ve categorized every hero in Overwatch 2 in one place so you can get an idea of ​​the definition at a quick glance.

These lists are based on two factors – such as how good the hero is at his job, and how high his potential is, also considering how easy it is to make the character work for the average player.

Overwatch 2 is still finding its legs as it’s the early days of the game. There are plenty of heroes, changes, maps, and philosophies to get you started, but to give you a quick feel: High Action Heroes are currently rampant.

Overwatch’s Tier 2 List Ranking (Heroes sorted by level, last updated Oct 7, 2022)

class a hero
Better Genji, Kiriko, Winston, Lucio, DVA
strong Sigma, Soldier 76, Anna, Rodhog, Zarya, Wrecking Ball, Sojourn, Sombra, Echo, Reaper, Ash, Tracer, Zeniata
Good Orissa, Brigitte, Vara, Mi, Moira, Torbjorn, Baptiste, Hanzo, Widowmaker
Average Mercy, Reinhardt, Bastion, Junkrat, Cassidy, Domfest, Junker Quinn
weak Symetra

Overwatch 2 Alphabetical order of heroes

a hero class
I strong
ash strong
Baptiste Good
stronghold Average
Brigitte Good
Cassidy Average
Dr Better
domfest Average
sound echo strong
Genji Better
Hanzo Good
Junker Queen Average
junkrat Average
kiriko Better
Lucio Better
mi Good
Mercy Average
Moira Good
Orissa Good
Farah Good
combine strong
Reinhardt Average
Roadhog strong
sigma strong
Sojourn strong
soldier 76 strong
sombra strong
Symetra weak
Torbjorn Good
Tracer strong
widow maker Good
Winston Better
wrecking ball strong
Zarya strong

How we settled on Overwatch 2’s rating list at launch

Overwatch 2 is just getting started with its first steps (albeit with some Communication stumbles), which means that everything is currently in flux and is being discovered. Expect the metadata to be somewhat choppy throughout Season 1 as the player base adjusts to 5v5, new maps and three new heroes are added.

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However, we have compiled several resources to make up this list. First, through the testing and launch phase, we played about 40 hours of Overwatch 2 and saw what worked well. On top of that, we were privy to the selection of games among the high-level players and kept keeping an eye on what was dominant in those games. We also spoke to some of these players about their experiences.

Furthermore, although the current update is not available in the Overwatch League, we’ve also seen professional teams play all year long with Overwatch 2 and can get leanings with the teams that play.

We’ve also looked at level lists from Overwatch creators like Apartments And the your watch. All this gave us a broad understanding of where the definition was launched. However, expect it to move quickly as people learn the game better.

Who are the best heroes in Overwatch 2?

Who exactly makes up our “best” category in Overwatch 2 at launch? At the moment, it is clear that one particular style of play works very well – diving.

This is a classic Overwatch strategy all about speed and quick kills. In a well-executed dive, several highly mobile heroes will perform a coordinated jump on one or two foes to quickly eliminate backlines.

At the moment, many of the best champions are all diving superstars. Genji It thrives in a world with less crowd control, massive lethal force with a boatload of maneuverability to take off.

Genji Overwatch 2

newcomer kiriko An excellent partner for Genji, she can easily move between the main team and the wing with the Swift Step teleport. She can get support from multiple fronts during battle, and her Suzu protection, which grants immunity in just under a second, can be a great tool for rescuing dive heroes who have stuck too far.

Winston He makes a great tank to pair up as part of his diving mindset, as he always did. He also thrives with less crowd control and Kiriko has a better time keeping up with his treatment than other support, which has always been a risk when playing Winston.

Lucio It can be another good addition to a diving composition, however, it is also very good in most combinations.

Overwatch 2 Lucio

Speed ​​is king now, and his speed helps a lot, but he’s also able to save himself and take down the enemy team, while also getting kills in the right hands which makes him very valuable in a 5v5 environment.

Similar to Lucio, Dr It could also work on diving (although you generally want to stay with Winston on a coordinating team), but it’s more versatile. D.VA is generally solid at the moment and is a great all-around choice if you don’t have a team doing coordinated dives.

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If you want a very robust option that will work in most situations, D.VA is a great option in its current strength.

The best tank heroes in Overwatch 2


Tanks underwent a major change with the launch of Overwatch 2, one of which was removed from the battlefield, meaning that only one player is now responsible for all missions. Fortunately, most of them have been greatly supported to deal with that. There are a lot of great options at the time.

At the moment, high mobility, especially those who can dive into targets, are generally the best tank options in the game. especially, Winston He is the king in this role.

Thanks to the portability of heroes like Genji, Kiriko, Lucio and Sombra, diving competitions are very good at the moment. Winston can jump to the enemy’s back lines, and if his team is coordinated, expect help from the nearby damage dealer, but it is also important that Kiriko dive with him.

Oftentimes in Overwatch 1, Winston would dive in to find himself separated from his wizards, but Kiriko softens that a lot.

in another place, Dr It is also very strong. It’s a great all-round pick that feels very viable and versatile. She can dive in a similar way to Winston (although she is not), but can also defend her team with 3 seconds of Defense Matrix.

She can be defensive and aggressive from moment to moment. If you want a tank that enters most competitions and offers at least some value, the D.VA is a great choice.


sigma It’s also a great option if you’re looking for a more traditional, stable tank experience. He hasn’t received many changes in the transition to Overwatch 2, but his group remains pretty strong, especially as a single tank.

It can absorb a lot of damage and has the potential to be the most damaging tank. If you’re not one for diving, Sigma should be the place for you.

If you just want to play selfishly and try to kill safe and be a super tough to kill hero, Roadhog A bit of sleeper selection too.

The best damage heroes in Overwatch 2


Now, as mentioned in Tanks, Dive Heroes are strong and no one enjoys the transition to Overwatch 2 more than Genji.

It didn’t have any major tweaks or changes, but with Blizzard’s philosophy of removing a lot of shock and crowd control effects, there’s a lot holding back Genji, who can now dash and get a lot of executions and massive dragon blades, as long as you know what you’re doing.

sombra He is an excellent partner for Genji as both can get to the enemy’s back line and enjoy poor health targets fairly easily. Both are also improved with the addition of Kiriko which is a great support to pair with them as she can easily join the wings by teleporting to the heroes if they need a hand.

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For those who want something a little simpler, soldier 76 It is a versatile pick that will enter most competitions without any problem. With the loss of the second tank, there are fewer shields and abilities protecting teams, which means lines of sight are more open.

This is where some of your ranged damage heroes will thrive. Sojourn A great alternative if your speed is more and a little less, ash It is also an excellent choice if you can keep enough distance between you and the diving champions.

Best Supporting Heroes in Overwatch 2


Currently, kiriko He is the best healer in the game. It is just excellent. She has a great mix of abilities, lots of healing, and she can appear just about anywhere in an instant. Currently, the play has versions that go behind the teams, and Kiriko chases with them to support her.

Because of her teleportation ability, she can dive to help out her teammates or dive if the situation is too spicy. On top of that, its ending is pretty strong and has some wild interactions with other heroes.

in another place Lucio It is also excellent. It fits in a lot of combinations, and increasing its speed is always helpful, especially with mobility as an important factor in definition. Add to that, its sound barrier still made an excellent finish to countering powerful enemy attacks.

I And the Zenyatta It’s excellent too, and in a vacuum, the same could be the S-Tier. Ana Vital Bomb and Discord Orbs Zenyatta are powerful utilities. The only real problem with these two is that they are exciting targets for diving champions, which again are very strong at the moment. However, with some interest from teammates to search for them, they are very solid options.

Overall, support currently feels pretty good across the board, and any lower order is still pretty good overall, so if you have a strong preference for another, our advice is to follow what you know.

Remember, for new players, you need to Unlock heroes in Overwatch 2 Before you can start using it – but hopefully the recommendations above give you options as you go.