May 18, 2024

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Microsoft Flight Simulator – PMDG discusses progress on Boeing 737 and 777; Newark Liberty Airport gets new screenshots and Chetumal ad

Microsoft Flight Simulator PMDG Boeing 737-800


Third-party developers had news to share about upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator including Airplane and Scene.

Third-party developers had news to share about upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator including Airplane and Scene.

We start with PMDG, which has made a big package of updates about its products. Here is a summary.

Update coming to all Boeing 737 . Line Including “fixes, tuning, and improvements” including modifications to “improve the stability of control-related functions such as pitch, yaw, roll and thrust.” It should come in a few days followed by another “to further stabilize the payment channel when working under A/T.”

The 737-900 is being prepared for beta testing, with a “best guess” for release in mid-November.

The launch of the 737 line on the official market will begin “soon” but PMDG is doing it slowly to ensure product maturity.

Since Asobo and Microsoft are still working on compatibility with C++/WASM projects on Xbox, PMDG is waiting for this process to sort out before releasing (actually releasing) the DC-6 on console. After that’s done, you’ll work in coordination with Microsoft to ensure that 737 devices are also compatible.

Last but not least, a little juice regarding the 777.

“This project is in full swing – it actually made more progress than expected while I was away on vacation. I suggested to the team that this was a good indication that maybe I should stay on vacation, but there was no general feeling of agreement in that regard. .

The flight deck model for this project is absolutely stunning, and since we used a “well-loved” flight deck as the basis for our construction, it has more of the wear and maintenance abuse you’d expect to find in an in-service aircraft. For those who haven’t seen me point this out: We used a brand new 737 (not yet in service) for a 737 for MSFS, we used the average lifespan of a 777 and our 747 serviceable to death as the basis for this product. It will give you a good view of the age – and before anyone asks, no, we’re not really planning on letting you choose the cockpit age. It’s a massive amount of work to match 3D models and textures, since the techniques we use build many imperfections down to the model level…but wait until you see it – it’s amazing! “

Could you Read full post here If you want everything.

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Drzewiecki design View more progress snapshots in the future Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR) in the United States.

GR Sim . creations announce Chetumal International Airport (MMCM) in Mexico.

It is a smaller airport with few domestic airlines to Mexico City and international lines to Central American countries.

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