November 30, 2023

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P DLC’s lies have apparently been confirmed

P DLC’s lies have apparently been confirmed

It looks like Bloodborne-like dark fantasy game Lies of P may have downloadable content on the horizon, according to a recent job posting.

User X (formerly Twitter). Okami games The listing was first noted earlier today, and is from a post on the company’s official job board. the He published himself in Korean, but IGN has confirmed that the listing is for the quest planner role for the Lies of P DLC, with one of the spots on the listing directly indicating that DLC is in development. IGN has reached out to Neowiz for comment on the list.

Although it’s not immediately clear from the list what this DLC might include, there is one major theory that fans have based on the game’s post-credits scene. We’re about to discuss it below, so If you’re avoiding spoilers at the end of Lies of P, don’t read:

The post-credits scene for Lies of P teases a completely wild swing of a new character: Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. After some dialogue from Paracelsus discussing the events of the game, he concludes with an ominous statement: “I will certainly find her. Another key for us: Dorothy.”

Then we just see the legs of what appears to be a little girl walking along a yellow brick road, red shoes and all, humming innocently. It’s not too big of a leap to suggest that this scene was a tease for the next chapter in the Lies of P universe, but we’re still unsure if Dorothy will be dropped into the DLC, or if she’ll be part of a sequel the DLC will release ( DLC) for us. Could we be on the cusp of seeing an entire world of fictional characters in the public domain collaborating?

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We gave Lies of P an 8/10 rating at launch, saying that it “may not branch particularly far from its spirit-like inspiration, but like a marionette controlled by a skilled puppet master, it plays the role very well in a wonderfully dark fantasy world.” If you accidentally bounced back from it at launch due to the Souls-like difficulty, consider coming back again – patch 1.2 has made the game significantly easier.

Rebecca Valentine is a senior reporter at IGN. Got a story tip? Send it to [email protected].