May 23, 2024

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Pac-12 announces the change of the football championship game format

Pac-12 announces the change of the football championship game format

San Francisco Today, the Pac-12 conference announced a change in how teams will qualify for the Pac-12 Football Championship Game, presented by 76ers.

Starting in 2022, the two teams with the highest conference win percentages will face each other in the championship match. This change could have led to a different game in the Pac-12 Football Championship in 5 of the past 11 years.

The measure was passed with the unanimous support of the major football coaches, sporting directors and the league’s board of directors.

The current Pac-12 football schedule, based on two sections, will remain in effect for the 2022 season. Scheduling scenarios will continue to be reviewed for the post-2022 seasons.

“Our goal is to put our top two teams into the Pac-12 Football Championship game, which we believe will give our conference the best opportunity to improve the CFP invitations and ultimately win the National Championships,” said the Pac-12 commissioner. George Klyavkov. “Today’s decision is an important step towards that goal and immediately increases the fan interest and media value of our football championship match.”

The NCAA Division I Council today approved the deregulation of an existing rule that limited the independence of individual conferences to select participants in a championship football game. At the suggestion of the Pac-12 and with the unanimous support of all FBS conferences, the NCAA Football Oversight Committee previously recommended this deregulation for the Division I Board.


Original participants FCG

Subscribers under the new system


#9 Oregon vs. University of California

#4 Stanford vs. #9 Oregon


#8 Stanford vs #16 University of California

#5 Oregon vs #8 Stanford


#7 Stanford opposite #11 Arizona Street.

No change


#2 Oregon vs #7 Arizona

No change


#7 Stanford vs #20 USC

#7 Stanford vs #16 Oregon


#4 Washington vs #9 Colorado

No change


#10 USC vs #12 Stanford

No change


#11 Washington vs #17 Utah

#11 Washington opposite #13 Washington Street.


#5 Utah vs #13 Oregon

No change


#13 USC vs. Washington **

#13 USC vs #25 Colorado


#10 Oregon vs. #17 Utah

No change

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*CFP ratings used from 2014-21, BCS ratings used from 2011-13

**Washington was unable to play in the 2020 FCG and was replaced by the Oregon Team as the runner-up in the Northern Division.