December 7, 2022

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Page B of G7: An Endless Economic War | Dedicated talks on the militant conflict between Argentina and its leaders

In addition to the luxuries, friendships and occasional public announcements made by world leaders at the G7 summit in Munich, President Alberto Fernandez’s secret meetings with powerful and developing countries paint a dark picture: a conflict between Russia and Ukraine It will last and at this point, is already on track to become a kind of Cold War spreading a strong economic crisis. In addition, perhaps the most important fact is that the prolongation of this almost specific hostility began to lead to greater interest in the surplus resources of the powers that be, affecting the interest of developing countries in finance and assistance. , Argentina.

“Leaders can’t find a way out,” he said Page I12 A senior official who accompanied the President during his visit to Germany. Not long ago, Fernandez called for an end to hostilities and greater accountability of powers in the co-economic consequences of war. But one is the message and the other is the choice of the recipient. When the President spoke with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, not only was there a pepper between the two when the Englishman refused to discuss Malvinas, but he had previously had a very tough stance on the war in Europe: he agreed to what was asked. The message was to stop the war, but the only way to end the war in the short term was to “arm Ukraine.” Other countries like the United States are following the same drastic course.

But the individuals at Elmav Palace, located in the foothills of the Alps, had different positions. As this newspaper learns, Fernandez had extensive meetings with French President Emmanuel Macron, as well as a number of formal and informal meetings with the host German Prime Minister. Olaf Schultz. One particular fact is interesting: at a dinner they shared on Monday, Fernandez spoke at length with Macro, who was later joined by Skolts and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. There Macron and Scholtz proposed an alternative position: for the first time in 40 years they were in a war 1,500 kilometers away and the French leader said it was a past they did not want to return to. Macron proposes a way out without shame for Russia. And Scholtz was very pragmatic, promising that economic growth methods should be sustainable so as not to isolate developing economies. Both positions are in line with Argentina’s position, which has rejected Russian attacks, but will not be part of Vladimir Putin’s monstrosity, which some leaders seek in return for opening and financing deals. The tax was also discussed among national officials who accompanied the president to the G7.

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Germany, the economic machine of Europe, is playing fair cards between the crossroads between NATO and Russia, as Merkel points out some differences with other Western powers in terms of geopolitics. In another corner, everything that happened during the meetings between Great Britain and Argentina reflects the concern of those who did not produce food in the face of a comprehensive war. From there came Johnson’s request to start bilateral grain agreements with Argentina.

On Sunday night, as he was leaving the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich, on his way to dinner with five invited countries, President Fernandez crossed with the head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva. They talked less, but discussed pending issues, such as Argentina’s demand for redistribution of powers left by the DEGS and reconsideration of penalties for those who reconsider their debts. There are problems in Argentina: many countries that did not refuse to abandon them before the war today are conservative and optimistic and less wasteful in resources. These countries are also hot seats in the International Monetary Fund.

They are betting anyway to keep the agenda in government. At a crossroads at the Elmaw Palace, Fernandez spoke with Jake Sullivan, Joe Biden’s security adviser, who thanked him for being at the Los Angeles summit a month ago, and praised the Argentine president’s anti-Trump speech. In that regard, he told her that everything was ready for the bilateral meeting with Joe Biden to be held in Washington on July 25. He further added that sources close to the talks told the newspaper that the United States was committed to moving forward with Argentina’s “firm demands.” In that cluster are the IMF, DEGS and fines, the central problems of Argentina, which suffers from a severe shortage of dollars.

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In the official delegation they were excited about some changes in the view of European leaders such as Macron and Schultz. After all, the French shifted from the historical perspective of the African region to the South-South Pole as a viable development. Fernandes, who focused his tour on international issues and strongly drew discussion on national issues, made a lightning trip to Germany to stay in Argentina as soon as possible. Today he spends the whole day on Olivos: the President knows that there is a world to focus on, but the central problem is to balance the internal variables.