December 2, 2022

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Carlos Davies returned to coach to assist players and become elite DT

“Carlos wants to learn to communicate, lead and build teams. Must have clear intentions. He is an elite player and he wants to be an elite coach.” This phrase is similar to Roberto Rossi Coach Works with Carlos You see In this case, in search of completing himself in his new mission as a coach Central. DD’s idea is to add even more knowledge to those who have gained in his extensive career as a player and played at the highest level. That’s why he wants to work on a comprehensive program for the player. “The player is a man,” the coach said.

“Carlos wants to be an elite player and an elite coach who is trained to expand across all domains. In other words, it works precisely on how to differentiate attitudes, conversations, triggers for team decisions. How to process the emotions of the team and the emotions of the coaches. There are a lot of situations, hardships, and resilience that Carlos graduated as a teacher. Life Through the events in which he must live. But he is at the forefront of facing more competition and seeking more training, “Rossi told the digital newspaper InfoPay.

Must be the idea of ​​the rogue coach “A player who can integrate into the community. A player who studies even if he is trained. Help him stand out in life, because not all footballers become elite or highly competitive. He expects the player’s integrated development. Also, by working on a variety of natural abilities, tomorrow he will be able to advance in life and make a mark, a mark, in a humane way, because sport is important in society. “

Then, the coach’s goal is to “prepare him for life. There is a moment when the player leaves, there is a very strong situation. It goes from recognition to complete silence. There are many cases of depression. After that, but with so many economic problems, one can only imagine the players being financially better off and they being more complex. Carlos’ view is that the footballer has the tools to manage his life in football, but he can get other specialties according to his ability and guide them financially so that they do not fall prey to this product. The first thing they do is buy and rent a super car and start working with values.

Rosie realized there was one aspect that surprised her the most when she met Davies. “The first impression is that he was ahead of an adult because of his humility.”

“He always gave a good impression like me. He’s very loving. And he’s a winner because he won in Argentina, he won in Brazil, he won in England, he won in Italy, he won the highest awards. He came from everywhere and put. You look at him physically and he seems ready to play. In other words, it speaks of a discipline. I met an extraordinary person, very humble, very honest. I see him as a very honest person, he is very confident in what he wants and is eager to train, ”coach Auriasul praised the driver.

“Before he was a good footballer, a good man, he was very focused on being a player. This is a challenge that takes time and lives in perpetual need. More on football. In fact we are a successful community. We are in a society where you are the best if you win two games and the worst if you lose two, it’s neither. “

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