March 4, 2024

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Pedro Sánchez in Davos: “Don't swallow the old neoliberal principles” | The Spanish president's speech was the opposite of Miley's

Pedro Sánchez in Davos: “Don't swallow the old neoliberal principles” |  The Spanish president's speech was the opposite of Miley's

“An intervention of profound political significance, very bold and committed, aimed at key global economic, financial and business leaders.” This is how Moncloa defines the speech given by the President of the Government this Wednesday. Pedro SanchezIt contains Davos Forum. The Chairman of the Executive Committee gave an example of the steps taken by his government during these four years to act forcefully against the neoliberal cooking methods.

Sanchez structured his speech to warn of three key global risks. One of them is “Guarantee the Prosperity of our Citizens”. He mentioned this at the same time The far right is on the rise Authoritarian regimes are on the rise in the West and the rest of the world. “This alarming trend is nothing but a symptom of deeper problems,” he said.

For the President of the Government, there is “Erosion of the Middle and Working Classes.” “It is the same middle and working classes who have not always benefited from the economic changes of recent decades. Those who suffered during the financial crises of 2008 and 2012. And who now agonize over a future marked by uncertainty as they continue to lose purchasing power,” he highlighted.

The Socialist leader was proud of the measures developed in Spain, which have a common line: “We showed it. Economic competitiveness and citizen prosperity They are not incompatible.” According to Sánchez, policies they called “impossible or irresponsible” “Today, Spaniards know that neoliberal policies do not work. A desire to reduce the size of the public sector and leave citizens and small businesses alone
Companies don't make sense when problems arise,” he said.

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Recognizing the role of large corporations in addressing global challenges, Sanchez directly asked them to get involved. “Help us raise workers' purchasing power, stop the climate emergency, uphold international standards and protect democracy. Fight back against the invasion that represents the retrograde tide that is turning the world upside down“.

“Let's not swallow Old neoliberal ideas Presents the state as a purely extractive entity that does not create value. Or they assert that the sole responsibility of corporations is to maximize their shareholders' profits,” he added. For Sanchez, these ideas have been shown to be false “by science and experience.”

“Act accordingly. Act responsibly. Think long and hard. Don't be swayed by radical media and political parties obsessed with projecting us as legitimate competitors. They profit by selling polarity. Don't fall into their trap. Let's cooperate. Let's take advantage of the grand challenges I mentioned earlier to build bridges, improve coordination, and establish new forms of public-private collaboration. “The Spanish government is your ally,” he continued.

Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Another important point of Sanchez's intervention at Davos was about artificial intelligence (AI) and its risks. “They are the best way to deal with challenges such as ageing, environmental crisis, disease spread or decline.
Productivity. I believe that if we use them well, they will allow us to achieve unimaginable levels of well-being. But I think so too These opportunities and threats should not be ignored“, he highlighted.

For this reason, Sánchez calls for greater attention Concerns of our workersOur youth and our elders, and less attentive “to the empty promises of some Silicon Valley gurus, more interested in gaining followers or climbing the Forbes millionaires list than the real progress of humanity.”

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Middle East and Ukraine

A third challenge to be faced, according to Sánchez, is “the survival of the rules-based international order”. At this point he stops short of mentioning the conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine and defends the multilateral system. “The future stability of the world is decided on Ukraine and Gaza As we speak,” he highlighted.

On the specific situation in Israel and Palestine, Sanchez has reiterated a position he has repeated in recent months. “We recognize Israel's legitimate right to defend itself against a heinous and cruel terrorist attack. But we demand Respect for international humanitarian law“, he said. The President has defended the need for a ceasefire and the need for an international conference to implement a concrete solution.

For Sánchez, this means recognizing the existence of the solution Two states. “This human drama must end. Current events do not help the Palestinians or the Israeli people. But the security of global supply chains is at stake. It's trade. It's prosperity. It's the stability of the entire Middle East and the continuity of the multilateral order,” he stressed.