April 22, 2024

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Penn State shuts out Edinboro 55-0 in final dual meet

Penn State shuts out Edinboro 55-0 in final dual meet

University Park, Pennsylvania – The Penn State Nittany Lion wrestling team (12-0, 8-0 B1G) shut out visiting Edinboro (2-12) 55-0 in the Penn State final dual meet. The win allowed a shutout for the head coach Kyle SandersonThe team concluded the regular season with an overall record of 12-0.

The Nittany Lions, who recently completed their 10th seasony Big Ten Regular Season Championship, winning all 10 games, with none of the games reaching the third period.

The dual meet started at 125. True freshman Braeden Davis, ranked No. 8 at 125, rolled to a 19-3 technical fall over Caleb Edwards at the 4:02 mark off four takedowns and a four-point final fall. A student in his second year of studies Aaron Nagao, which ranked No. 11 at 133, followed that up with a technical fall of its own. Nagao used three three-point rotations and a series of takedowns to clinch an 18-3 technical over Eamonn Jimenez at 3:33, giving Penn State a 10-0 lead. big Beau Bartlett, ranked No. 1 at 141, earned Penn State's first pin in the dual meet. Bartlett opened up a huge lead over Jacob Brenneman and then closed the bout by pinning the Scot at the 4:11 mark of the second period.

Real student Tyler Kasak, ranked No. 9 at 149, followed this pinfall with a fall. Kasak opened up a big lead on Colin Roberts and ended his fall early in the second period, getting the pin at the 3:20 mark. A student in his second year of studies Levi Haines, ranked No. 1 at 157, capped the first half with Penn State's third straight pin. Haines took a 13-2 lead midway through the second period when he took Jaquay down, rolled him onto his back, and ended the period with a fall at the 4:38 mark. Penn State led 28-0 at the break.

student Mitchell Misenbrink, ranked No. 6 at 165, earned a forfeit win at 165 to give Penn State a 34-0 lead. big Carter Starucci, ranked No. 1 at 174, blazed through six takedowns and finished his bout with a near-fall 22-5 technical at the 2:45 mark of the first period. Starocci's win put Penn State ahead 39-0.

graduate Bernie Truex, ranked No. 6 at 184, picked up another overtime win at Penn State against Brody Evans. Truax collected a handful of takedowns and a few four-point turnovers, ending Tech's 21-3 downfall at the 5:00 mark to put Penn State up 44-0. Senior+ Aaron Brooks, ranked No. 197, continued Tech's barrage of falls at Penn State, scoring a 19-4 Tech over Jack Kilner at the 3:55 mark. Brooks scored six takedowns in the win. big Greg Kirkvliet, ranked No. 1 at 285, capped off the lopsided doubles win with a cradle lock and pinfall of Nick Lodato at 1:27 into the first period. Kirkvliet's fall, Penn State's fourth, gave Penn State the win by a score of 55-0.

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Penn State earned 25 bonus points from four pins (Bartlett, Kasak, Haines, Kerkvliet), five technical falls (Davis, Nagao, Starocchi, Truex, Brooks) and a forfeit win (Meisenbrink).

Penn State closes the dual season at 12-0 and 8-0 B1G. Edinboro falls to 2-12. The Nittany Lions will now prepare for the 2024 Big Ten Championship March 9-10 at the University of Maryland. The two-day event begins on Saturday, March 9, with Session 1 at 10 a.m. and Session 2 at 5:00 p.m., Sunday Sessions 3 and 4 beginning at 12 p.m., and the Big Ten Finals scheduled for 4:30 p.m. To be shown on B1G+ and/or B1G Network.

The 2023-24 Penn State Wrestling season is presented by Family Clothline. Penn State fans are encouraged to follow Penn State Wrestling via X/twitter at @pennstateWREST, on the Penn State Wrestling Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pennstatewrestling and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/pennstatewrest. This is Pennsylvania. Wrestling lives here.

#1 Penn State 55, Edinboro 0
February 25, 2024 – Recreation Hall – University Park, Pennsylvania.

125: #8 Braeden Davis PSU tech fall Caleb Edwards EU, 19-3 (TF; 4:02) 5-0
133: #11 Aaron Nagao PSU Tech Fall Eamon Jimenez EU, 18-3 (TF; 3:33) 10-0
141: #1 Beau Bartlett PSU pinned Jacob Brenneman EU, WBF (4:11) 16-0
149: #9 Tyler Kasak PSU pinned Colin Roberts EU, WBF (3:20) 22-0
157: #1 Levi Haines PSU pinned Gannon Jaquay EU, WBF (4:38) 28-0
165: #6 Mitchell Misenbrink PSU wins by forfeit 34-0
174: #1 Carter Starucci PSU Technology Fall Brodie Evans EU, 22-5 (Staff; 2:45) 39-0
184: #6 Bernie Truex PSU Tech Fall Brody Evans EU, 21-3 (Staff; 5:00) 44-0
197: #1 Aaron Brooks Fall Tech PSU Jack Kellner EU, 19-4 (TF; 3:55) 49-0
285: #1 Greg Kirkvliet PSU pinned Nick Lodato EU, WBF 1:27) 55-0
Attendance: 6,389 (Penn State has wrestled to 81 sellouts in its last 84 home events, including 72 in a row at Rec Hall and 9 of 12 at BJC).
Records: Penn State (12-0, 8-0 B1G; Edinboro (2-12)
Next up for Penn State: 2024 Big Ten Championship, March 9-10, College Park, Md.

Double encounter bot after bot:

125: A real student Braeden Davis, ranked No. 8 at 125, faced junior Caleb Edwards. Davis notched the first takedown of the duo with a high single at the 2:24 mark and went to work at the top looking for the tilt. Davis forced a stoppage and Edwards escaped to make it 3-1. Davis quickly scored again using a low shot to set up a 6-1 lead at 1:10. Davis worked the first position, getting a pit stop at :20 and nearly turning Edwards over at the end. Davis led 7-1, and elected to start the second half. He quickly reversed Edwards, handled two takedowns and finished off a four-point tech fall at the 4:02 mark, winning 19-3.

133: Female student Aaron Nagao, ranked No. 11 at 133, met Eamon Jimenez. Nagao quickly took down Jimenez and converted the Scot into a defensive three to open up a 6-0 lead. He clipped Jimenez on a reset and then took him down again with a quick shot to open up a 9-1 lead. Nagao led 9-2 after Jimenez escaped, blocked Jimenez's low shot, worked his way to control and took a 12-2 lead with a clearance of his own at the :40 mark. He worked over Jimenez for another back three and took a 15-2 lead after one.

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141: adults Beau Bartlett, ranked No. 1 at 141, faced Jacob Brenneman. Bartlett blocked an early shot from Brenneman to get a takedown at 2:49 and then worked to increase his riding time over 1:00. Bartlett cut off Brenneman on the reset and got back into the offensive action for a 3-1 lead. He used a quick low single to take away a second and take a 6-1 lead at 1:20. Bartlett added a third takedown for a 9-2 lead after one. Bartlett elected to start the second half and quickly ran away with a 10-2 lead. He countered a Brenneman shot at 1:40 and slid around Scott for a takedown and cut at 1:00. He then went off with a quick takedown, took Brenneman to his back and finished with the pin at the 4:11 mark.

149: A real student Tyler Kasak, ranked No. 9 at 149, fought Colin Roberts. Kasak hit the first takedown of the match at 2:026, opening a 3-0 lead at the edge of the mat. Kasak cut off Roberts on the reset and immediately turned the low single into a second takedown and a 6-1 lead. Kasak went to work at the top, looking for a tendency to the back points. After a neutral start, Kasak landed his third takedown at :45 to open a 9-2 lead. The Nittany Lion freshman finished the period on top and took a 9-2 lead with 1:48 to go. Roberts elected to start the second half and Kasak cut down Scott. He moved quickly for the takedown and quickly turned Roberts onto his back. Kasak finished with the pin at the 3:20 mark.

157: Female student Levi Haines, ranked No. 1 at 157, met Gannon Jackoway. Haines quickly took down Jacquay to open up a 3-1 lead at the opening:30. The Lions sophomore used a high single on the second takedown and took a 6-1 lead at 2:00 and went to work on top looking for back points. Jackoway worked his way to his feet and escaped with 1:22 on the clock. Haines countered Jackoway's high kick on the third takedown for a 9-2 lead. With his riding time running over 1:00, Haines flipped the Scot for a back three and a 12-2 lead. Haines elected to start the second half and quickly ran away with a 13-2 lead. Jackaway knocked down a high center kick and took a 16-2 lead. Haines put the Scot on his back, took some time to adjust his position and finished with the pin at the 4:38 mark.

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165: Female student Mitchell Misenbrinkranked No. 6 at 165, won by forfeit.

174: Senior Carter Starucci, ranked No. 1 at 174, faced Joey Arnold. Starocci came out firing on offense, hitting three threes in the first minute to take a 9-3 lead. He continued to work on the offense, using a high double on the fourth takedown and chop and taking a 12-4 lead before the midpoint of the period. Starocci added a fifth takedown for a 15-5 lead. Starocci's sixth takedown gave the Lion an 18-5 lead and then the Nittany Lion turned Arnold onto his back for a final four-point turn to set up a 22-5 tech fall at the 2:45 mark.

184: Graduate Bernie Truex, ranked No. 6 at 184, met Brody Evans. Truax scored a quick goal, downing Evans for a quick win and a 3-0 lead. Truax accumulated: 54 at the right time before losing to Evans 3-1. Truax continued to press the attack, earning a layup for a 4-1 lead at 1:11. Truax turned a low single into a second takedown and a 7-1 lead with :50 on the clock. Then he turned Evans on his back for a four-point nearfall and an 11-1 lead after the opening period. Evans elected to punt to start the second half and escaped by a score of 11-2. He picked up another takedown for a 14-3 lead after Evans was cut, and moved through with a shot for another takedown and a 13-7 lead. He finished the game with a final four-point drive to score a 21-3 Tech downfall at the 5:00 mark.

197: Senior+ Aaron Brooks, ranked No. 1 at 197, fought Jack Kilner. Brooks quickly overcame Kilner to take a 3-1 lead after the Scot lost. He earned his second takedown with a high double and then his third with a quick low shot on the Nittany Lion logo to open a 9-2 lead with 1:00 remaining in the first period. Brooks finished the first period on top to take a 9-2 lead after the opening period. Brooks elected to pull back to start the second half, and quickly escaped defeat, beating Kilner to take a 13-3 lead after getting the better of the Scot. Brooks added another takedown and then finished off the tech fall with another, winning 19-4 at 3:55.

285: adults Greg Kirkvliet, ranked No. 1 at 285, beat out Nick Lodato. Kerkvliet quickly overpowered Lodato, opening up a 3-0 lead in the opening seconds. Lodato escaped 3-1 and Kerkvliet got back to work up front. Kerkvliet dropped the Scot on his back and nearly pinned him but settled for a back four and a 10-1 lead. He quickly locked down the cradle and ended the match with a pin at the 1:27 mark.